Terrie Carr’s Rock N’ Ruff Roundtable

Terrie Carr’s Rock N’ Ruff Roundtable

Terrie Carr’s Rock N’ Ruff Roundtable

Whole Lotta Rosie Carr loves to jam the runes with me!

The more I hang with people, the more I LOVE hanging with Rosie (My dog!)…..just kidding, well, sort of, kind of….seriously, we rock the tunes together and Rosie loves coming to the WDHA studio too, she brings the noise and is sometimes louder than Metallica at MetLife (as many of you who listen to the show have heard!)

With the 14th anniversary of WDHA’s Rock N’ Ruff coming up in February, I wanted to put together some fun stuff for our rocking, dog-loving family, and why not a fun rock playlist to sing with our best buds?

So what tunes belong on an official “doggie playlist”? Well, they have to rock, they must honor our best buds, and be fun to listen to. Oh, and I always include a “rescue” element because of my passion for rescue groups and rescue dogs.

A bit about my best friend, Rosie Carr- 7 years old, 10 pounds, mega mix! Lol! Rescued from the Denville Animal Shelter and the amazing Meredith Petrillo, came from a hoarding situation in Howell with 275 OTHER pups- and is the light of my life. I recently lost my other two lights, Scarlet Carr at the age of 16 and Star Carr at the age of 6 (also adopted from Denville) and we miss them every day. Now, it’s me and “Whole Lotta Rosie” – her actual theme song and she is pretty well known to WDHA listeners from events, and social media, and her loud love in the WDHA studio when she comes to hangs out with me!

So let’s crank a few – and take some doggie down time to ROCK!

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WDHA Rocker and Dog Photo Gallery

Have a photo of your best friend that you would like to share with me? [email protected].
I’d love to see it. AND you can always hit me up for info on Rock N’ Ruff and rescue.

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  • Queen- You're My Best Friend

    This one needs no explanation! They are! I sing this to Rosie constantly.

  • Aerosmith- Walkin' The Dog

    There are some cool Aerosmith doggie jams including the masterpiece “Sick as A Dog” from Rocks, and “The Reason a Dog” from Done With Mirrors, but their cover of this Rufus Thomas classic is pretty epic, especially for dog walkin’! So raw and cooooooool…..

  • George Thorogood & The Destroyers- Bad To The Bone

    When Rosie was a young pup this was her theme song! She was a firecracker!

  • Temple Of The Dog- Call Me A Dog

    Chris Cornell’s vocals on this song are so incredible. It’s perfection.

  • Led Zeppelin- Black Dog

    There are a few applicable Zep jams including Bron-Yr-Aur a song inspired by Robert Plant’s dog Strider and The Rover (come on….the name!) But I’m picking Black Dog because we love the black pups!

  • David Bowie- Diamond Dogs

    I LOVE Diamond Dogs , come on, dogs AND Bowie- one of the BEST doggie tunes (and album covers) EVER!

  • AC/DC- Givin The Dog A Bone

    While I usually jam “Whole Lotta Rosie” for my girl and change the words from “Woman” to “Doggie” (yeah I’m a bit crazy) Another AC/DC dog jam is “Dog Eat Dog” from Let There Be Rock. But “Givin The Dog A Bone” from Back In Black RULES the most!

  • Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home

    For those of us with rescue pups, THIS is the song! I make sure it is played at every WDHA Rock N’ Ruff adoption event-

    It’s the perfect Rock and Rescue song.

  • Kiss- Lick It Up

    Come on! There is nothing better than puppy breath and a pooch smooch! I love this one….

  • The Beatles - Hey Bulldog

    Did you think I’d forget our Bulldog lovers? No way! This classic is masterful. If you have a Bulldog, sing to them this underrated classic!

  • Foo Fighters- Rescued

    This song always reminds me of the rescue dogs I see all the time. Rescued, or waiting for rescue, this is a new favorite.

  • Bruce Springsteen - The Promised Land

    “The Dogs On Main Street Howl”! The best! There is no way not to sing this one loud to your dog.
    And if there are any dogs on Main Street that need forever homes……hit me up!

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