Rock N’ Ruff

Roșie hanging în TC's office.

It’s Terrie “Dog Lover” Carr and recently I have been reading up on the benefits of having dogs in the workplace.
I have always been a proponent of “Pet Productivity” meaning the station offices always seemed more happy and productive when pets were around. I remember when I hired Matt Murray as our night talent waaaay back when and encouraged him to bring his newly adopted pup “Austin” in any time to keep him company while he was on the air.
Oh, and when Scotty B came in for his first training session he brought multiple Basset Hounds in to help! (I loved it).

It has long been said that dogs on the workplace reduce stress, increase team building and morale, and encourage more productivity. According to the American Heart Association they help “bring calm and productivity” –
I could not agree more. American Heart Association On Dogs at Work

WDHA is a fun environment to work in. Music, loudmouths, and of course DOGS that come in to be filmed and recorded for our WDHA Rock N’ Ruff program every week. In fact, the station has an entire room set up for the pups where toys, bowls, and treats await them. We also have an animal-loving staff for sure. So many staffers have dogs. Jim, Me, Mike Anthony, Scotty, Swendy…..we love our pups! Many of us also bring our dogs to work on occasion as do our co-workers in sales and other departments. Personally, I LOVE it when there is a dog at the station. It makes me happy. I can’t describe it, but it does. Dogs are truly magical creatures. Dogs have taught me so much about life and the simple things. They give us so much. Some of our dogs make more “frequent” station visits and are “regulars” at WDHA. Meet them below!

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WDHA’s Rock N’ Ruff

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Dogs Rule!
Terrie (and Rosie) Carr

  • Flash - Dog of WDHA Digital Sales Director Chris Rudzki


    Flash Rudzki – Pup Of Digital Director Chris Rudzki

    Flash and Chris are best friends. I rarely see one without the other.
    When Chris is at WDHA you can be certain his rescue pup Flash is not far behind. Flash is a perfect station dog in the office. He is a very quiet, gentle fella and goes with the flow. Flash can sit in on an important corporate meeting and you will never know he’s there. In fact, I think Flash actually knows he “works” for us. He’s always ready- He has attended WDHA Parking Lot Parties and met Rock N’ Ruff dogs. He knows the drill! And helps calm us down when he’s at WDHA for sure. You can hear his dog tags clinking through the halls right behind Chris!

  • Sam- Dog of WDHA Senior Account Executive Valerie Freda


    Sammy Freda was adopted from the Denville Animal Shelter as many WDHA station dogs have been!

    Sam (named after the red rocker Sammy Hagar) is a 90 pound comedian!
    When he comes to WDHA we never know what’s going to happen! Sammy is the pup of one of our sales staff members- Valerie Freda and was adopted from the Denville Animal Shelter the Valerie saw him on their Facebook page and fell in love with his gorgeous face and sad story, being abandoned and hungry…Well…Sam is not hungry anymore! Lol….He is usually in the studio with me when he visits, getting treats, bringing me his toys and looking for love. He’s a GIANT teddy bear. He also attends many WDHA events, like our Yappy Hours and adoption day events and always tries to make friends with my dog Rosie Carr, but she barks in his face all the time! Sam doesn’t care……he keeps trying….I just love him.

  • Rosie Carr- Dog of Terrie Carr - Veteran Bigmouth and Program Director


    Rosie behind the mic (she loves it) at her second home WDHA.

    My love, Rosie Carr THINKS WDHA is her turf! Funny, because Rosie has been visiting the station since she is 6 weeks old as she and her litter dropped by with Meredith from the Denville Animal Shelter to socialize with our staff. Of course I fell in love. Look at her!
    Rosie has a bed, toys and all of her “doggie stuff” in my office and has slept at the station with me during various storms and loves being there. She adores her WDHA family, especially Jim Monaghan who she races into the studio to see whenever she arrives. We literally have to go to every office in the building, say hi to all of her friends and THEN she settles in the studio for my radio show. I love having her with me. But…be warned….she can be loud!

  • Jingle- Dog Of WDHA Afternoon Drive Host and Production Director- Mike Anthony

    Jingle and TC

    Jingle Anthony with me at a WDHA Yappy Hour. Jingle is so well behaved the WDHA studio and at events.

    Mike Anthony and his family adopted Jingle from OSCAR at WDHA’s Home For The Howlidays event at Dover Dodge a few years back, and when Jingle visits he is SUCH A GOOD BOY!
    Mike is not only our afternoon host, but also our Production Director for BOTH WDHA and our sister station, WMTR and is super busy in his own studio all day.
    We all have to pop in to record things with Mike, and when Jingle is there we are far more anxious to work! I love popping in, petting him and hanging with him. Jingle is such a chill pup. This photo was taken with me and Jingle at a WDHA station event. He’s a great drinking partner too!

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