ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - JUNE 29: Jess Margera of CKY performs during the first day of Warped Tour on June 29, 2019 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)

I wanted to discuss another album that you may never have listened to or maybe have forgotten about. The band is CKY. They had a lot of their music featured in old skateboard videos because drummer Jess Margera is Bam Margera’s brother. Yes, that Bam! They got a bunch of exposure when their song “96 Quite Bitter Beings” was featured in one of the Tony Hawk Pro Skateboarding games.
Their sound is hard to describe because it really doesn’t fit into any one box. It’s like skater metal if you will. Groove oriented guitar work with basic yet pounding drums that really play towards the song. And a lot of strange sound effects and cool reverb and distortion. Their lyrics are angst-filled and interesting to dissect. Although I’ll admit, I’m not intelligent enough to always get what the song is really about.

The album we’re diving into today is “Infiltrate. Destroy. Rebuild” Their 2nd studio release. It’s such a good album, with not one bad song on it. And it’s relatively short too, which I like. That’s because you can listen to it easily in one sitting and it gets you begging for more once it’s over. CKY really defines their sound on this record and while it’s not for everybody, I feel like the uniqueness of the guitar sound mixed with the somewhat growl-ish singing from frontman Deron Miller works so well.

Sadly, there were only two records to follow and then the band had a bit of a rearrangement. Lead Singer Miller went off and started his own band with the same sound, while the remaining members of CKY picked up the pieces and have continued on with Guitarist Chad Ginsburg taking over lead vocals.
Regardless of all that turmoil, this 2002 release is worth a listen, or two, because it’s so solid and you most likely haven’t heard anything like it!

Let’s take a look at some key tracks!


    That opening guitar riff is a beast and then it turns acoustic for the verse, just to pick back up and slap you in the face when the chorus comes in. Sets up the album perfectly!


    Such a unique sound.  With effects on the vocals and a really memorable chorus, this one will stick out to you!



    A dance beat with some synthesizers?  Yep…It works so well and sounds so good.  The chorus goes back to typical CKY form, but this song as a whole just rocks.


    Another monster riff with a stadium anthem of a chorus. This is what it’s all about!


    A lot of bands create a ballad for an album.  And CKY’s take on it is just awesome.  Reminiscent of the notes you hear in True Colors by Cindy Lauper, this tune rocks, despite being the lightest on the album.

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