What’s up everyone!

Let’s have some fun….I am so excited to be a part of the DHA family. Just like you, I grew up listening to as much rock music as I could – from the legends that started it all to the new guys and girls that are proving rock is still alive and well. And now I get to listen to all of it with you….very cool!

You need to hear a song? Wanna talk music? Tell me about an awesome show you just saw? Nice! Cause I definitely want to talk to you…973-292-1055.

I’ve been working in radio for several years, but I am lucky enough to have landed at the Rock of New Jersey! Outside the DHA Coors Light Studio, I try to fit in as much as I can – I have a great wife and 2 children (who I’m passing my love of rock n’ roll on to), I’m a drummer, movie fanatic, and I always dig a good live concert.

There’s not enough room to list my favorite bands…..we’ll just say my collection of music is past the point of ridiculous!!!!