I’m about 10 years old, weigh 40 lbs, and look to be a pure Australian Cattle Dog. I’m in a loving foster home in NJ so I can find a forever home.  Thankfully I have my NorthStar Pet Rescue family to help me look because I can’t see. Yes, you heard that right, I’m blind. Don’t let that scare you off… I’m smart, super sweet and ready to love – YOU! At night, I sleep in an XL crate and I settle in with no complaint and sleep soundly through the night. I really love the new chewies and toys my foster mom gave me, they really get my tail wagging! You know what else would get my tail wagging, a forever home!


At 12 years old, and facing some mobility issues, I was dumped at a shelter in South Texas by my family. Lying on that cold concrete floor all alone, I was a picture of total dejection and sadness. Thank goodness NorthStar Pet Rescue spotted me and they got me out of there and right to the emergency vet for treatment and stabilization. While at the vet, we learned that I have degenerative myelopathy (DM). This is an incurable condition common to German Shepherds that severely impacts mobility. Recently, I got my very own doggy wheelchair, and now I am rolling and strolling with my foster mom and I love it! So, now I’m ready to ROLL your way!

I’m about a year old and everyone who meets me says that I am super sweet and friendly. It’s true! I love people, big dogs, small dogs and cats. Playing and running, snuggling with people or other dogs, and rolling onto my back for belly rubs are a few of my favorite activities. Sounds perfect, right? Well, let me tell you the imperfect part and sadly this is why no one gives me a chance. I was all alone and was hit by a car. Luckily, someone found me and brought me to the shelter, and that’s where NorthStar Pet Rescue stepped in. They brought me right to the vet, my injuries were serious but treatable. I’m all healed up now, although when I run I only use 3 of my legs. I use all 4 when walking, but using 3 while running helps me go faster! I also have a rare condition called perianal fistula so I do not have complete control of my bowels. I do my business outside when I have to pee – no problem; I understand that is what I am supposed to do. I just can’t help the other thing. But hey, I’m only 7 lbs so it’s manageable!  Will you give me a chance to love you? I just know you will love me too if you do!

NorthStar Pet Rescue