10 Jersey Rock Friends That Have Made WDHA Proud To Be The Rock Of New Jersey (Photo Gallery)

WDHA is very close to our 50th year as "The Rock Of New Jersey"! It's hard for even us to believe. New Jersey may be known for the Garden State Parkway, The Taylor Ham/Pork Roll debate (Taylor Ham!) The Jersey Shore and great pizza, we also have a tremendous rock history in the Garden State with sooooo much talent that has come out of our venues, speakers, and out of WDHA. We have many cool photo memories in the WDHA archives from the thousands of artists who have stopped by for interviews, performances, and hangs at the ROCK including a bunch of our New Jersey pals! New Jersey has so many amazing artists. From Icons like Bruce and Bon Jovi to the grassroots rock sound of  From Good Homes and  Southside Johnny, the beginning of Alt rock with The Smithereens, Singers/Songwriters like Pete Yorn and the late Neal Casal, Punk/Metalcore represented by The Misfits and Dillinger Escape Plan, Goth/Pop with My Chemical Romance, Metal Classic with bands like Overkill and Monster Magnet and The Zakk Attack and of course don't forget the 80's with bands like Skid Row, Saraya and  Badlands. I could go on and on -  Let's face it - We Rock! I grabbed ten fun photos from my "Terrie Carr Collection" and considering this week I am covering "Jersey Artist Strong" artists for The WDHA Coffee Break, I decided to pop them up into this fun post and remember when these Jersey rockers stopped by, did shows or hung with WDHA. I tried to keep it to ten artists, but I think I grabbed an extra (for good luck) and I'm planning on doing a part two at some point too. Some of the photos are quite "vintage", and some are pretty recent.  And this week has been super fun playing Jersey Rocker Double Plays for the WDHA Coffee Break at 10:50. If you have a suggestion, feel free to call - 973-292-1055 OR email me at [email protected] Jersey Strong and Jersey Pride- We know how to rock it! Terrie (Taylor Ham) Carr