New York Mets

The New York Mets Are In A Very Met Situation

The New York Mets have themselves in what can truly only be called a Met Situation. Even though they have won 8 of their last 10 games, they are still three games under .500 and have four teams to climb over just to get to the third Wild Card spot in the National League. Do they sell at the trade deadline? Are they buyers? What message does ownership want to send to both players and fans? The New York Mets In A Met Situation Given that scenario, it would seem more likely that they are sellers at the July 31 trade deadline. Or are they? Of the five teams currently between them and that third Wild Card spot, the Mets are either tied or ahead of them in the loss column. As my dad tried to explain over and over to me as a kid (I finally got it, by the way), it's not call the "all important loss column" for nothing because you can't take those games away. The Key For the New York Mets Two words - Francisco Lindor. Over the past month, Lindor has raised his batting average by 45 points, his slugging percentage by 74 points, and his on base percentage by 40 points. In other words, he is showing signs of being the impact kind of player the Mets thought they had traded for back in 2021. A continued improvement in his production can go a long way in getting the Mets to the postseason in 2024. The New York Mets Schedule Between now and the July 31 trade deadline, the Mets schedule looks like this - Cubs (away) Yankees (home) Astros (home) Nationals (away) Pirates (away) Nationals (home) Rockies (home) ALL-STAR BREAK Marlins (away) Yankees (away) Braves (home) Twins (home) There are some tough series to be sure (the Nationals are just as hot in the National League as the Mets have been lately and have one of the three Wild Card spots), but there are also some series that the Mets should be able to handle. Houston is WAY down this year, as are the Rockies.  And the Marlins are pathetic. In fact, it's the Marlins series a month from now that might actually be the point at which the Mets as an organization decided whether to buy or sell. If they're within reasonable striking distance of a Wild Card playoff spot, the Mets owe it to both the fans and the players in the clubhouse to be buyers as they approach the trade deadline. What the Mets absolutely DO NOT want to do is what the Boston Red Sox did in 2023 at the deadline, which was nothing. That sent a message inside the locker room that ownership didn't believe enough in the players to make a move. Keep your eye on where the Mets are in the standings four weeks from today. Who the New York Mets Can Sell For one, Pete Alonso.  If the Mets realize they're out of contention, and they're going to lose him anyway to free agency at the end of the year, at least get something now. For another, Adam Ottavino.  He's a bit of a lightning rod for Mets fans who have taken to holding their breath any time the bullpen gate opens and he comes out of it.  The fact is, his numbers are decent, and someone might be willing to take him in a trade. And then there's JD Martinez.  A bona fide major league hitter, there will be plenty of teams looking for a bat of his caliber going down the stretch. Which way do you think the Mets will take going into the trade deadline? MORE EPISODES OF WDHA'S TWO-MINUTE DRILL WITH JIM MONAGHAN AND CHRIS SWENDEMAN