Iron Maiden at the Prudential Center

November 9
Prudential Center, 165 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ, 07102 + Google Map

Check out Iron Maiden at the Prudential Center on Saturday, November 9th!

Iron Maiden is an English heavy metal band that was founded in East London in 1975. The legendary band was started by bassist Steve Harris and brought in musicians, including Paul Di’Anno and guitarist Dave Murray, one of the longest standing members of the band next to Harris. The band got their name from a film adaptation of a novel by Alexandre Dumas in which the title reminded Harris of the mythical medieval torture device, the iron maiden. 

Iron Maiden has been a tour de force ever since its inception. With 17 studio albums and over 40 singles, this band is influential on so many levels. They are cited as the pioneers of the new wave of British heavy metal and for good reason. Their debut self-titled album was released in April 1980 with Di’Anno on vocals. He would continue to lend his vocals to the band for one more album until his departure in 1981 when Bruce Dickinson took over. Dickinson is another mainstay of the band, performing with the band since 1981, with only one small hiatus in the 90s on record. 

Iron Maiden’s live shows became a place where Eddie the Head came to life. Eddie is a character of Iron Maiden’s that spans back to their very first album. A legend in his own right, Eddie appears on the front of each cover, matching with the theme of each album. From a DJ to a samurai, to a puppeteer, Eddie makes himself known to Iron Maiden fans. At every show, Eddie the Head makes an appearance to breathe more life into an already exhilarating set. 

Iron Maiden is known worldwide, likely thanks to the band owning their own Boeing 747, aptly named “Ed Force One,” a play on Air Force One. With Bruce Dickinson manning the plane as a trained pilot, the band tours multiple countries to appeal to the masses. During one tour, the band managed to visit five continents in a span of only 66 days – a feat many other bands only dream of. 

Since their start, Iron Maiden has won over 350 awards including ones from the BRIT Awards, Grammy Awards, and even hold a few Guinness World Records. The band has been nominated twice for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021 and 2023. While they have not yet been inducted, Iron Maiden does have a permanent spot in the Heavy Metal Exhibition. Currently, the band is preparing for their newest tour, The Future Past, which is set to take off in September of 2024. 

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Check out photos of Iron Maiden the last time they came around on the Legacy of the Beast Tour HERE.

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