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Led Zeppelin and their catalog as a whole have become more beloved and revered with time as they’ve been passed down through generations and become standards for which future bands are measured.

So, how do you honor one of the greatest, most influential bands of all time? Hunker down with a fifth of Jack Daniel’s, a 2-liter of Coke and dive headfirst into the “Zep-a-Thon.” Dubbed so by Jack Black when the band received the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012, the “Zep-a-Thon” is a musical binge session where you listen to all of Zeppelin’s eight studio albums (plus the 1982 compilation album Coda) in one sitting. This binge wasn’t all for pleasure, even though it was oddly fulfilling. The purpose of doing this was for research in order to rank all 92 original Zeppelin tracks.

Exhausting? Yes. A bit much? Maybe, but crazier things have likely been committed in the name of Zeppelin throughout the past five decades.

Where do your favorite Zeppelin tracks rank? Click through the gallery below to find out!

Additional song descriptions by Brian Ives.


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