Jersey Magazine with Jim Monaghan

Jersey Magazine with Jim Monaghan

Jersey Magazine with Jim Monaghan

This year is the 102nd running of the Far Hills Race Meeting, better known as The Hunt, which since its founding has raised money to support local healthcare charities. To date, they’ve raised over $20 million. The race takes place on Saturday Oct 21st and Ron Kennedy, the chairman of the event, joined Jim Monaghan to talk about what you need to know about this year’s festivities.

JIM MONAGHAN – Ron Kennedy is the chairman of the Far Hills Race Meeting, better known in this area as The Hunt. It’s one of the signature events in the fall here in the WDHA area. Ron, good morning and welcome to Jersey Nagazine.
RON KENNEDY – Good morning. Thank you for having me.

JM – On Saturday, October 21, the 102nd running of the race. What’s the vibe like at the race for listeners who haven’t been able to get there yet?
RK – It’s a premiere social event, a place to go outside in Jersey and really enjoy the day in the country. It started 102 years ago. Certainly it’s evolved a lot since then, but it’s a place to entertain with your friends, with your family. It’s generational attendance. We have people on reserve parking spots, what was basically tailgating on the hilltop, and they’re fourth and fifth generation people that are local, and they come back. They fly back from wherever they live today. They reunite with friends, they reunite with family. Fraternities have places that they’ve had for maybe 20-30 years. The same frat house has had the same spot for over and over again .So it is truly a reoccurring, once a year generational event that occurs on that property.

JM – And horses come from all over the world for this, correct?
RK – They do. We get a majority of them are from the US, but we’ll get somewhere between six to ten horses that will come over from Europe and race and compete there. We are the richest steeplechase race in the country, so we attract those types of horses that would spend the time and effort to come over from Europe and race against us.

JM – Now, you’ve been there for more than three decades. What’s the biggest change that you’ve seen from year to year?
RK – Right now, technology. That’s the biggest thing. Now it’s social media. Now we have to bring in a tremendous amount of fiber optic for cellular service so everyone can post out their videos and post out to talk to their friends and meet with friends. Years ago, we had a couple of maps and you had to go use old school ways to find your friends around the property. So it’s a change with that. We’re also broadcast live on Fox Sports now; we co-brand with Belmont Park. And so the whole race day, all seven races, are actually broadcast on a live feed through Fox Sports, which is pretty exciting for us.

JM – And aside from the changes of technology, what area couple of the biggest challenges that you face each year, Ron, and putting this event together?
RK – We build a city and take it in. So the challenges are 364 days a year. It’s a farm field. It’s gorgeous 230-acre piece of land, mostly open fields and meadows. And we literally have to build the infrastructure, build whether it’s the corporate tents, whether it’s the fencing around the racetrack, whether it’s the entrances, the vendor village, you build it. And then a couple of days after the event, we take it all back again, bringing in Porta Johns, bringing in all the traffic flow devices that we need for the property. It just takes a big effort to go put it up and then again turn it back into a field when we’re done.

JM – And what are some of the charities that are supported by The Hunt?
RK – So, we have been always supporting charity. The Far Hills Race Meeting Association is a not-for-profit. We’re a 501(c)(3). We give all the money away. Over the last about 40 years now, we’ve raised over $20 million that we’ve donated to different charities. Our charter is healthcare in the region. That’s our beneficiaries. Traditionally, it was the local medical center down at Somerset used to call Somerville Medical Center. It’s transitioned a lot. Now it’s part of the Robert Wood Johnson family called Robert Wood Johnson Somerset. They are a primary benefactor. But we also have five other smaller organizations that are closer to the actual race site itself that are a big part of our event, and it’s great to give them money as well. Community in Crisis. The Life Camp. The Arca, Somerset County, Bonnie Brae and Crossroads for Hope. These are much smaller organizations that we contribute and make a big difference in the contribution questions that we raise for them.

JM – And again, it is one of the signature events of the fall season here in the WDHA listening area, the Far Hills Race Meeting, better known as The Hunt. It’s Saturday, October 21st, and for DHA listeners who want more information, they can go online to Ron Kennedy, thank you so much for talking with us this morning about The Hunt and best of luck with this year’s event.
RK – Thank you so much. We look forward to seeing everyone.

  • Jeff Friedman - Livingston Philanthropies

    Jeff Friedman is the CEO of Livingston Philanthropies, an organization that provides for families living below the poverty level in our area for more than a dozen years.

    On October 14, they are hosting a fundraising show with bluegrass star Dave Rimelis and his band at the the Livingston Presbyterian Church.

  • Samantha Giustiniani - 2024 Pat DiNizio Musical Performance Scholarship

    Samantha Giustiniani is the Vice President of Education and Outreach at the Count Basie Center for the Arts in Red Bank.

    Following the untimely death of Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens in 2017, a scholarship was set up to provide an opportunity for promising music students with full or partial scholarships to the Count Basie Center Academy of the Arts, including programs in its School Of Music or Performing Arts, the Monmouth Conservatory of Music, the Jazz Arts Project, or any other future program that creates a formal partnership with the Basie Center.

    Samantha joined Jim Monaghan to discuss the details of this year’s program.

    For more information you can go to

  • Rock N Ruff

    Howdy Animal Lovers,

    Terrie Carr here and this week’s Rock N’ Ruff pup looking for a new home is just that – a pup! Best news – not too young, housebroken,  really smart, knows basic commands. Missy is awesome! Missy is a Dutch Shepherd/Husky mix (just look at those eyes) between 7 and 9 months old, and is both active and loyal.  Missy was found roaming the streets with her siblings and after being picked up and brought to another shelter found herself in the company of the awesome Sunny Nowell from Randolph Regional Animal Shelter and eventually made her way to WDHA for Rock N’ Ruff!

    One of Missy’s siblings has been adopted but she does have a brother that looks just like her and has a similar personality named Dante who is also at the shelter.  Missy was great with our staff and so attentive with Sunny who has taught her basic commands. It’s obvious this young dog is super smart and really eager to please.  Missy is a lovely girl with so much personality, she would make a great companion for just about anyone. She would make a great walking or running partner and could be an awesome family dog. If you are looking for a young dog (but not a puppy) that is a medium size, has a lovely disposition, is smart and obedient, Missy could be the dog for you. And of course she is absolutely stunning.

    For info on adopting Missy you can reach the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter at Randolph Regional Animal Shelter or stop by for a visit at 97 Ironia Road in Mendham or you can call them at 973-543-9333- the shelter is open to the public- Monday-Friday from 11a-1p and Saturday from 11a-2p.

    Adoption fees
    Dogs and cats – $50 – all spayed, neutered, vaccinated
    Looking for 2?  Adopt one get one free!
    Kittens are $150 each and $250 for two (includes spay/neuter).
    * Approved application required for all adoptions.

    Opt To Adopt!

  • Coach Sheets' Ride In

    Jeremy Sheetinger is the head baseball coach at Georgia Gwinnett College where he led the Grizz Gang to the 2021 NAIA National Championship.

    He took some time off over the summer, but his weekly “fire me up” video every Thursday is back for the fall!.

    These quick hits may, on the surface, be geared toward his fellow baseball coaches, but his motivational message can easily be applied to the classroom, workplace, and your personal relationships.

    This week, Coach Sheets tells us to imagine the possibilities, dream a little bit, but give ourselves the opportunity to get uncomfortable.

  • Local Look

    Looking for something fun to do in the area? Chris Swendeman has you covered with this week’s Local Look.

    There are always so many fun events happening in our local communities.  Check out what’s in store for this week in New Jersey.

    • For the month of October, visitors could take a walk through the gardens to see dozens of ghoulish, historic and colorful scarecrows of Morris County at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum on Hanover Avenue.
    • Then you could head to Newton today for the 8th Annual Fall Festival and Car Show from 11 AM to 4 PM.  Aside from the amazing cars, the Fall Festival will have live music vendors and plenty of local food.  Visit for further information.
    • And next Friday night, the 13th get scared to the bone at 13th Hour Haunted House in Wharton for a live broadcast from 7 to 9 PM with Mike Anthony.  This is one of the best haunted houses in the country.  Visit for tickets.


    And that’s your Local Look for this week on The Jersey Magazine.  If you’d like your event to be featured on The Local Look, you can email us at [email protected].  See you next week on 105.5 WDHA.

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