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Jon Favreau, who celebrates his birthday today (October 19), has made a name for himself as of late as a major producer/director, but let’s never forget the film that started it all: 1996’s Swingers.

The film is a perfect time capsule of the decade. (We’re looking at you swing revival!) But the hands-down most 90’s moment in the film is Favreau’s answering machine scene, which is as cringe-inducing as it is poetic and a scene Favreau will never live down.

Naturally, a scene like this makes us think of other notorious film scenes, so in honor of Favreau’s birthday, enjoy these five infamous film scenes actors will never live down. (WARNING: NSFW content!)

  • Jon Favreau - 'Swingers' - Answering Machine Scene

    Semi-related, but you could never film a scene like this anymore. Who leaves messages, let alone has an answering machine? Or, in some cases, even a landline?

  • Jeff Daniels - 'Dumb & Dumber' - Bathroom Scene

    Jeff Daniels has won Emmys and plenty of other awards, but alas, this scene will live on forever.

  • Cameron Diaz - 'There's Something About Mary' - Hair Gel Scene

    Hair gel has never looked the same since There’s Something About Mary was released in July 1998.

  • Steve Carell - 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' - Chest Waxing Scene

    Steve Carell’s scream delivery turned “Kelly Clarkson” into a swear. That’s real acting!

  • Jason Biggs - 'American Pie' - Warm Apple Pie Scene

    Well…there’s no delicate way to describe this infamous scene. Jason Biggs has sex with an apple pie. There’s no getting around that.