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EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - AUGUST 17: (L-R) Anthony Kiedis, Flea and John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at MetLife Stadium on August 17, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

I really miss the days of MTV and VHl playing music videos 24/7.

The ’80s and early ’90s were my favorite MTV days. Since both channels have decided that reality shows are better than music, new and up-and-coming bands, the bands we know and love, the specialty shows and concerts, I am going to start sharing my top five new music videos, 80’s and 90’s videos, and music and concert videos in general.

Here are my top 5 new music videos of the week.

  • 5. Tippa My Tongue - Red Hot Chili Peppers

    The Red Hot Chilli Peppers were an MTV Staple in their heyday of the 90s and are back better than ever in 2022! They have released two new albums this year Unlimited Love which came out in April 2022 and Return of the Dream Canteen a double album that was released on October 14th, 2022. The first single from the album “Tippa my Tongue” also has a video and it is a psychedelic trip with lead singer Anthony Kiedis rockin shirtless showing off his ripped 60-year-old body and sporting an 80’s mustache and a haircut that seems to be inspired by Mo from the Three Stooges. I honestly believe Anthony is the only person who can pull off Mo’s haircut. And what workout regimen and diet is he on? I need to know NOW!!! Bassist Flee is rocking some kind of cool checkerboard haircut, and Chad the drummer still wears the Ballcap backward, I’m beginning to wonder if he was born with that hat on his head. And guitarist John Frusciante is back with the band and looks like he is still in his twenties!! The Peppers sound and look better than ever, so get on this psychedelic trip of a video. It’s the 1990’s on Acid!!

  • 4. Spillways - Ghost

    This is a perfect video for October the month of Halloween. Well, maybe every Ghost Video is LOL!! Their new single “Spillways” is from their new album Empera and the Strange creepy video of Spillways is out now. Ghost Frontman Tobias Forge says that Sillways is an elegy for the darkness that most people have inside. When you have a dam, spillways are run-offs so the dam won’t overflow. That darkness inside us needs to find its way out.” The video has Tobias Forge wearing a creepy Joker-type mask and he and the band are rocking in what seems to be some kind of church with the floor/stage being a lit-up Pentagram as dry ice flows with dancing human mannequins with tears of blood. Get the Creepy vibes rockin now with the new music video “Spillways” by Ghost.

  • 3. Natural Born Killer - Highly Suspect

    Highly Suspects “Natural Born Killers” video is shot in cinematic form and directed by Andrew Sandler. (His best-known film is Minority Report which stars Tom Cruise). It’s a haunting video that follows three people that are dealing with traumatic events in their life. In the beginning Lead Singer, Johhny Stevens is buying Ice Cream and enters an Ice Cream Shop through some kind of weird threshold he turns into some kind of freaky-looking creature that pops up in the three people’s live giving them an Ice Cream cone filled with drugs so they can cope with their tragedies. It’s a well-done hard-hitting video that tells the story of another hit song from Highly Suspect.

  • 2. Nobody Wants to Die - Rival Sons

    Rival Sons have a new single out! It’s been three years since they released new music. Their new single “Nobody Wants To Die” is from their forthcoming album Dark Fighter which is due March 10, 2023. The music video is also out now and it is awesome!! Filmed like a Quentin Tarantino movie it has Bible Bombs, Guns, Knives, Car Chases, Cops, Blood, and most important Sweatal aka Swamp Metal. A term Terrie Carr came up with to describe the band’s sound. It’s directed by Eli Sokhn. This music video is also shot in cinematic form and it is great. All the band members are pretty damn good actors too.

  • 1. I Seek Fire - Soraia

    Yes I am a huge Soraia fan as you may know and I am good friends with Zou Zou Mansour and no I am not biased. This is a kick-ass video to a kick-ass song! I Seek Fire is the New release from Soraias forthcoming album Bloom, Due Friday, October 28th. My Fuzzy Garage Rockin pals have a new music video out for I seek Fire and it is their best video to date. And they put out awesome videos. The I seek Fire video draws some inspiration from an episode on The series Hanibal that use to air on NBC a few years ago. Episode 2 from season one of Hannibal revolves around Will Graham, who is now a special investigator for the FBI. He is then recruited by Jack Crawford to inspect Garret Jacob Hobbs’ cabin in the woods when they are assigned to a new case, nine bodies that were buried alive and mushrooms grown from their bodies. The video is shot in cinematic form with a very creepy vibe and killer special effects. Zou Zou’s Eyes when performing with the band are amazing and so is her and the band’s performance. Zou Zou and Drummer Brianna will be joining me in the studio on Rockturnal this Thursday Night October 27th on 105.5 WDHA. They are going to be Guest DJs with me and we will talk about the video and play some tracks from their forthcoming album Bloom in 5th Gear, we will spin up some of their fav 80s songs in the ’80s at 8,
    and they along with me will be taking your request in the Rockturnal Request Zone. In the Meantime watch and rock out to their, I Seek Fire Video. Be careful, you look too hard and might get burned!!

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