Rockturnal With Scotty B

  • #5.Collective Soul DBL Play - Smashing Young Man and Gel

    Lead sing Ed Roland on stage singing at a stand up mike with his hands in the air and the rest of the band playing their instruments in the background.

    AUSTIN, TEXAS – SEPTEMBER 23: Ed Roland (L) and Will Turpin of Collective Soul perform in concert at ACL Live on September 23, 2022 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images)

    #5. Collective Soul DBL Play – Smashing Young Man and Gel

    Requested through – Email Request Line –

    Requested by – General Aiden in Fairlawn , NJ

    General Aiden Brings up the rear at #5 with his Collective Soul Dbl Play. The first track was his theme song. He is now out of school for summer break and he wanted his theme song played first which is “Smashing Young Man”. Beneath its infectious melodies, “Smashing Young Man” delves into themes of individuality, societal pressures, and the desire for authenticity. The song serves as a critique of conformity and the pressures faced by young individuals in a world that often values appearance over substance. Roland’s lyrics poignantly address the struggles of maintaining one’s identity and resisting the pressures to conform.

    The second track was “Gel”.”Gel” emerges as a powerful rock anthem that showcases the band’s musical prowess and lyrical depth. With its energetic instrumentation, infectious hooks, and introspective lyrics, “Gel” solidified Collective Soul’s place in the alternative rock scene of the ’90s. Even decades after its release, the song continues to resonate with fans and demonstrates the band’s ability to create enduring and impactful music. Great Job Aiden! Enjoy your summer Break! Salute!

  • #4. R.E.M. DBL Play- What's the Frequency Kenneth? and Radio Song

    R>E>M> on stage waving to the crowd at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards

    R.E.M. during 1995 MTV Video Music Awards Show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)

    #4. R.E.M. DBL Play – What’s the Frequency Kenneth? and Radio Song

    Requested through – Facebook Request Line – Scotty B wdha

    Requested by – Commander Ken W in Madison , NJ

    Commander Ken W tunes into the #4 spot with his request for an R.E.M. Radio themed  Dbl  Play. The first track tuned us in with “What’s the Frequency Kenneth?”. “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” takes its title from an incident in 1986 when CBS news anchor Dan Rather was assaulted and repeatedly asked this question by his attacker. Lead vocalist Michael Stipe, known for his cryptic lyrics, infuses the song with thought-provoking imagery and social commentary. Stipe’s words delve into the disorienting nature of the media landscape and the struggles of discerning truth from falsehood in a world dominated by information overload.

    The second track was “Radio Song”. “Radio Song” marked a departure for R.E.M. by featuring an unexpected guest appearance from rapper KRS-One. This collaboration bridged the gap between alternative rock and hip-hop, creating a fusion of sounds that was ahead of its time. The song seamlessly blends the band’s signature jangly guitars, courtesy of Peter Buck, with KRS-One’s rap verses. The result is a dynamic and genre-bending track that defies expectations and showcases the band’s willingness to experiment. Great job Ken!  Salute!

  • #3. ZZ Top DBL Play - TV Dinners and Beer Drinker's and Hell Raiser's

    ZZ Top posing for a pick in the 80's and holding Guitars .

    Portrait of members of the American Rock group ZZ Top as they pose backstage at the Metro Center, Rockford, Illinois, February 8, 1984. Pictured are, from left, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard, and Billy Gibbons. (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

    #3. ZZ Top DBL Play – TV Dinners and Beer Drinker’s and Hell Raiser’s

    Requested through – Facebook Request Line – Scotty B wdha

    Requested by – The Orange County Rockers  The Crazy Colonel’s Robin and John and Crazy Corporal Andrew in Orange County , NY

    The Orange County Rockers are on the list again! They take  #3 with their ZZ Top DBL Play. The first track up from that little olé band from Texas was “TV Dinners”. “TV Dinners” captivates listeners with its bluesy grooves and infectious rhythms that have become synonymous with ZZ Top’s style. Billy Gibbons’ distinctive guitar licks, Dusty Hill’s pulsating basslines, and Frank Beard’s impeccable drumming create a tight and captivating musical foundation. The band’s ability to blend blues, rock, and a touch of humor results in a sound that is uniquely their own.

    The second track was “Beer Drinker’s and Hell Raiser’s”. From their blues-infused roots to their signature bearded personas, ZZ Top has carved out a legendary status in rock music. In their illustrious career spanning decades, one song that stands out as a testament to their gritty sound and rebellious spirit is “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers.” Released in 1973 as a track on their album “Tres Hombres,” this anthemic tune showcases ZZ Top’s raw energy, infectious riffs, and unapologetic attitude, solidifying their place as Southern rock icons. Great Job Gang! Salute! 

  • #2. Summer Time Themed DBL Play- In the Summer Time - Derek Sherinian and Summer Night's -Van Halen

    Picture of a huge kite flying over the ocean waters where jetty's are located at the Jersey Shore.

    AVON BEACH NJ – MAY 24: People visit the beach on May 24, 2023 in Avon Beach New Jersey. The Jersey shore is getting ready to open business’ for the Summer season. (Photo by Kena Betancur/VIEWpress)

    #2. Summer Time Themed DBL Play- In the Summer Time – Derek Sherinian and Summer Night’s -Van Halen

    Requested through – Facebook Request Line – Scotty B wdha

    Requested by – Commander Mike H in Staten Island , NY

    Commander Mike H is on the list again and taking the #2 spot with his Summertime themed DBl Play in Celebration of the Summer Solstice and today being the first day of summer.

    The first track was ” In the Summer Time” by   Derek Sherinian. Sherinian’s ability to create vivid imagery through his music is on full display in “In the Summertime.” The song’s bright and cheerful tones evoke images of sun-drenched landscapes, refreshing ocean breezes, and the joyous spirit of summer. Sherinian’s composition acts as a musical storyteller, painting a vibrant picture of the season through his expertly crafted melodies and harmonies.


    The second track was “Summer Night’s” by Van Halen. Van Halen, the legendary rock band that defined an era, possessed a unique ability to ignite the stage and capture the essence of youthful exuberance. Released in 1986 as part of their album “5150,” the anthemic track “Summer Nights” exemplifies Van Halen’s ability to infuse their music with energy, attitude, and infectious hooks. With its electrifying guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and relatable lyrics, “Summer Nights” serves as an eternal tribute to the carefree and adventurous spirit of summertime. Great Job Mike! Salute!


  • #1. Aerosmith DBL Play - Chip Away the Stone and Jaded

    Aerosmith's Steven Tyler singing in to a mic looking at Joe Perry playing his guitar.

    Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith on 7/1/93 in Chicago, Il. (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)

    #1. Aerosmith DBL Play – Chip Away the Stone and Jaded

    Requested through – Facebook Request Line – Scotty B wdha

    Requested by – The Woodbridge Division Commander John L, Major Jenna L, and Op’s Mama Tina L, in Woodbridge, NJ

    The Woodbridge Division is back on a roll! look out Bobby Bonzo! They take the top spot with their Aerosmith DBL Play that is a part of their Band’s from Boston theme request they are doing this week. The first track was “Chip Away the Stone”.

    Aerosmith, the iconic American rock band known for their powerful sound and charismatic presence, has crafted numerous hits that have left an indelible mark on the music industry. Among these timeless classics is “Chip Away the Stone.” Released in 1978 as a single, this anthemic track embodies Aerosmith’s ability to blend hard rock with introspective lyrics, resulting in a resilient anthem of perseverance. With its infectious energy, gritty guitar riffs, and empowering message, “Chip Away the Stone” stands as a testament to the band’s enduring legacy and their ability to inspire listeners to overcome life’s challenges.

    The second track Was “Jaded”. Aerosmith has graced the music industry with numerous hits that have become an integral part of rock history. Among their standout tracks is the timeless rock ballad “Jaded.” Released in 2000 as part of their album “Just Push Play,” this captivating song showcases Aerosmith’s ability to combine heartfelt lyrics, melodic hooks, and powerful vocals. With its introspective exploration of love, disillusionment, and the pursuit of personal growth, “Jaded” stands as a testament to the band’s enduring talent and ability to touch listeners’ hearts. Great Job Gang! You are #1! Salute!

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