Marriage For Dummies 5-22-19

The good news - Jim in Cranford is getting married to his longtime girlfriend of 20 years. The bad news - he called into the WDHA Morning Jolt where he encountered Dr. JoHo and his often well-intentioned but misguided advice. Thankfully, Nuptuals By Nancy offered some more credible advice.

Marriage For Dummies 5-15-19

The day started out innocently enough for Todd from Hopatcong. First, he received some advice from Jim and JoHo on where to get Q-tips. And then the conversation turned to his love life...or lack thereof. Things really deteriorated, though, when Dr. JoHo brought up the topic of sexbots.

Marriage For Dummies 5-1-19

Spring is here and love is in bloom. Somewhere. But not in upstate New York where our two little love birds had a little spat that involved VCR's and leaf blowers. And an ill-advised 911 call. Dr. JoHo has his hands full on this episode of Marriage For Dummies.

Marriage For Dummies 4-17-19

There's a new dry spell sweeping the nation...and it has nothing to do with precipitation. Nearly 28% of us are going through a sexual dry spell of five months or more. Dr. JoHo responds to this crisis as only he can on this latest episode of Marriage For Dummies.

Marriage For Dummies 3-27-19

You take your girlfriend to a may be her all-time favorite artist...and you end up getting stabbed in the face after defending her honor. But wait.... It gets really good here.... Your girlfriend is the one who stabs you! If only Dr. JoHo had been there to help.

Marriage For Dummies 2-27-19

Greg in Rockaway thought he was calling into the WDHA Morning Jolt to win some tickets. Instead, Dr. JoHo answered the phone and the conversation ended up with a argument over pretzels. In other words, another episode of Marriage For Dummies happened.

Marriage For Dummies 1-30-19

Gary from South Plainfield will celebrate 25 years of marriage this October. We're not sure he appreciated or even wanted Dr. JoHo's advice on this episode of Marriage For Dummies. What we do know is he had no intention of bringing it up when he called into the Jolt.

Marriage For Dummies 1-16-19

Jayne in North Brunswick is a regular viewer/contributor to the Morning Jolt's Facebook Live series every weekday morning during the 6 o'clock hour. Her life took a bit of an unexpected turn when her boyfriend asked her to marry him. Jayne's dad was a police officer. Jayne's fiance is an ex-con. What could possibly be…

Comedian Ron White Joins the Morning Jolt

Comedian Ron White - who by his own self-admission doesn't hold up well under scrutiny - is coming to the State Theatre in New Brunswick Thursday January 16. Ron called into the WDHA Morning Jolt to chat with Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych and at one point encountered the questionable marriage advice of Dr. JoHo.