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It seems like the DMV has the magical ability to make everyone look as horrendous as possible in their driver’s license photo.

It’s humbling, really. No matter how attractive you are in normal life, as soon as you enter those hallowed halls and pose for your picture, you suddenly become a pasty, greasy-haired, troll-type person who looks like they haven’t slept nor showered in a century and a half.

That is, of course, unless you’re a woman named Lilly Ghalichi. Ghalichi took what is probably the best driver’s license picture that has ever or will ever be taken. Please observe:

I got ROBBED!!! ????I go through all the effort to change my last name ????????and THIS ZOOMED IN PHOTO is what you give me State of CA?! ????????‍♀️Is the photo on your ID this zoomed in? ???? ????You can't even see my full glam! My hair was everything that day! Photo Robbery!!!

39.9k Likes, 2,530 Comments - Lilly Ghalichi Mir (@lillyghalichi) on Instagram: "I got ROBBED!!! ????I go through all the effort to change my last name ????????and THIS ZOOMED IN PHOTO is..."


Seriously, perfect hair, flawless skin, makeup on point. Are we sure this was actually taken at the DMV? The best part is that Ghalichi, a makeup artist, posted the picture to her Instagram to complain about its poor quality. Apparently, she was unhappy with how zoomed in it was. She wished that more of her hair had been included in the picture, as it was looking particularly fabulous that day, and she didn’t think it fully did justice to her perfectly applied makeup.


Honestly, if Ghalichi thinks she’s dissatisfied with THAT photo, she clearly hasn’t seen many other driver’s license photos in her day. She should definitely land some sort of record for most gorgeous photo ever taken in a Department of Motor Vehicles.



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