WDHA’s Unsigned Heroes with Mike Anthony

In this edition of “Unsigned Heroes” we get to meet a bunch of cool dudes out of Rockland County NJ – N.A.S.H. These guys have that feel in their music. The “feel” is an undeniable upbeat pop sensibility with rockin’ guitars and steady, powerful drumming. The vocals are clean and crisp, and every hook sticks with you more and more after repeated listens. These guys have some great live shows coming up and the energy to get you pumped when you see them play. Be sure to check out their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Nashvoice/
And give a look at their official website : https://www.nashrocks.com/


Interview with N.A.S.H.:


“D.I.T.C.H.” live on WDHA’s Unsigned Heroes:


“The Editor” live on WDHA’s Unsigned Heroes: