WDHA’s Unsigned Heroes

Vendetta Rose

This edition features a young band out of the Asbury Park area – Vendetta Rose. They fuse together a sound filled with the energy of early Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses and mix it with modern riffs that are layered with vocal melodies you can’t help but sing along to. These guys are young and hungry…..ready to make a name in the world of rock music! Check out their acoustic performances and learn a little more about them. Then go check out one of their live shows to see the energy they bring to the stage – It’s inspiring! Be sure to check them out online too: Official: vendettaroseband.com / FB: @VendettaRoseBand / YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9RGoUOpORc3Jhqr7Rz5QYg Interview with Vendetta Rose: https://youtu.be/S00hFg-Ck-Q Vendetta Rose performing "Over and Under": https://youtu.be/xBWl4XKvu6Y Vendetta Rose performing "Man With No Face": https://youtu.be/ZkLScMUW_Hg