The dynamic duo of Robbie Landis and Ben Morse is back once again for another episode of the Other Identity. The Other Identity is a podcast about exploring the culture created by comic books. This week Robbie and Ben talk about the two men who sling as Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe, Peter Parker, and Miles Morales.

A Tale of Two Spider-Men

Spider-Man is one of the most recognizable names in the world of both Marvel and comics at large. He’s also very unique in both his origins and the fact the two Spider-Man exist simultaneously. Ben and Robbie talk about what makes the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker unique, specifically in the Ultimate Universe. Robbie talks about his favorite story arc, the Death of Spider-Man, which leads to the addition of Miles Morales. Like Barry Allen and Wally West from DC Comics, Peter and Miles are both Spider-Man, operating at the same time.

Miles Morales as Spider-Man is just as powerful, capable and popular as Peter Parker, holding his own solo series (unlike Wally West as the Flash). Ben and Robbie talk about the first issue of Miles’ latest series, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 (2018). But while Miles encapsulates all that makes Peter interesting, he’s also his own character with his own intricacies. He cements all that fans have come to love about Spider-Man while putting his own spin on the character and telling his own stories. He stands side-by-side to the original Spider-Man and holds that mantle just as well as Peter Parker.

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