Thanks to coronavirus, many of us will not be traveling for the holiday season. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on Thanksgiving with friends and family. With the help of Team Building, here are five ways to make your Zoom Thanksgiving memorable.

Have An Online Scavenger Hunt

This is an activity great for both adults and kids. It’s also a way to get some steps in after a big meal. For a scavenger hunt, you can send out clues ahead of time or create them on the fly.

Scavenger ideas can include, find a football, find a can of specific foods, find a penny, etc. Just make sure you don’t get too competitive, and you have a cool prize for the winner.

Have A Virtual Meal Together

To make it feel like a typical Thanksgiving, try to eat at the same time. You can even bring up politics, so it’s just as awkward as it is when you’re in person.

One idea could be to find one or more side dishes and send everyone the same recipe. That way, it kinda feels like you’re eating the same meal together.

Volunteer Virtually

Many families start their Thanksgiving out by volunteering at shelters or group homes. You can do the same, but virtually. Team Building lists many organizations that allow you to take part in online volunteering.

Thanksgiving Bingo

This game has potential to be really fun, especially if you’re drinking. There are sample Bingo cards online, or you can get creative and make one on your own.

 Virtual Escape Room 

This game can be fun for the family in between eating, drinking, and watching football. And there are many virtual escape rooms to choose from here.

For a full list of Zoom Thanksgiving ideas, visit Team Building’s website.

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