Fall Guide – Holiday Trends 2020

4 Ways To Keep Thanksgiving Chill This Year

Thanksgiving this year will be very different as 2020 has been one hard year and the CDC is advising people not to gather in groups of more than eight people for the family holiday due to COVID. However, there are still ways to keep things happy, fun and relaxed. It's, at the least, a time to reflect on what we are thankful for: including getting through 2020. Here are four tips for making 2020 a blessed and chill Thanksgiving: Examine whether you have unrealistic expectations about how the holiday should be spent and what it should represent. Instead of focusing on what it “should be,” appreciate it for what it is. Make the holidays easier and less stressful on the entire family this year; don't worry about complicated recipes. Keep things simple. Thanksgiving can be exhausting, so it’s the perfect opportunity to commit to taking some time for yourself before your company arrives -- if you're having company -- and after they leave. Don't be disappointed that family doesn't come because of the virus, instead set up Zoom calls with all family members and remember to tell each other what you are thankful for as we come to a close on a year that no-one wants to relive. Above all have fun with your loved ones and appreciate the time you have together whether it be in person or through technology.

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