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Jim Monaghan’s Visit To GolfCave In Randolph, NJ

Sponsored by GolfCave in Randoph, NJ If you've listened to me for any amount of time on the radio, you know I am a HUGE baseball fan. I have been fortunate enough to coach and work with players from T-ball through professional baseball and even spent a few years as an associate scout for the Tampa Bay Rays. Well despite the similarities between the baseball swing and the golf swing, I am an absolutely HORRIBLE golf player. Don't get me wrong - I like golf and frequently watch it on television. I love the skill involved, and the challenge of playing a great course. But as for playing? From a baseball swing to a golf swing Well, that's why I stopped by GolfCave on Route 10 East in Randolph, NJ to see if my baseball skills could translate into passable golf skills. GolfCave is the next generation of golf - a 24/7 indoor golf facility providing golfers of all skill levels (even newbies like me) with the ability to play or practice in the privacy of their own "cave" while golfing on the world's most accurate golf simulator, TrackMan. After a brief tour of the facility, GolfCave instructor, Dave Levesque took me under his wing and discussed the similarities and differences between a baseball swing and a golf swing and how I might be able to improve my game. TrackMan Dave then went over the amazing TrackMan technology that GolfCave utilizes. This technology allowed me to watch a replay of my swing and analyze what I was doing right (yes, there were actually a couple of things I was doing properly!) and wrong (yeah...a lot). Dave walked me through all the data and was able to make some helpful suggestions based on what he saw. Through observation, instruction, and some technology, Dave was able to modify my swing into something that would (sort of) pass on the local golf course. Check out the videos of my experience.

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