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6 Of Mike Anthony’s Metal favorites Of 2023

We are fast approaching 2024. It’s kind of hard to believe actually, at least to me. It feels like this year just chugged along with barely a moment to breathe. Nevertheless, there were some cool musical moments throughout the year. And I thought I could tell you 6 of Mike Anthony’s Metal favorites of 2023! It’s funny because as I went over some albums with Mike Bufis, who co-hosts “Metal With The Mikes” with me, it’s sometimes hard to remember what actually came out in the year unless it’s relatively newer. As you go back towards February or January things start to get hazy! LOL I’ll tell you this though, there was no shortage of great albums to check out. In fact, for the most part, the top releases that made my list, I’m still listening to! I haven’t tired of them yet and I’m not sure when I will. What’s also pretty interesting about this list is the fact that there are legacy artists on there, who have been churning out great material for 4 decades. But there are also newer bands or artists that you may not be as familiar with. It’s a diverse mix and has been a diverse year when it comes to new music! So, I’d love for you to check out this list and let me know if there are any albums I should have put on here that I left off. Or tell me if you think one of my picks sucks. Just say it nicely since I’m sensitive lol. All in all, I hope you check out my favorites from the year and maybe give a listen to one you haven’t yet and see what you think of it. I honestly think there’s some great music to hear. So, let’s do it already. This is 6 of Mike Anthony’s Metal Favorites of 2023. And keep in mind there’s no order. This is just a list of 6 of the ones I dig a lot.