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Why The Latest Judas Priest Album Rocks In All The Right Ways

Judas Priest are legends of Heavy Metal with the Metal God leading the charge. They have been consistently putting out amazing metal records for decades and they’re not done! Let’s take a look at how the latest Judas Priest album rocks in all the right ways. ROB HALFORD Rob Halford is 72 years old, but you don’t hear that in his voice. It’s uncanny actually how well his voice has aged. He sounds like a young kid whether he’s going deeper and pushing a chorus forward or hitting those crazy high notes! Even the lyrical content that Rob is singing about is still great. The opening track “Panic Attack” deals with all the craziness in the world – politics, nonsense on the internet, and more. You have to shut it out, otherwise……panic attack! The playing on the record is insanely talented too. Tipton and Faulkner have that really recognizable guitar sound and the drumming by Scott Travis is booming and in your face. It all sounds so good together. A LONG CAREER And to think, this is the 19th studio album by Judas Priest. At this point in their career, they could basically phone it in and people would still be clamoring to get their hands on a copy of the new album. However, that’s not the case. You can hear the pure heart and soul that went into making this record. Every note sounds placed in just the right spot to help propel the song forward. It really is a gift that we were given with Invincible Shield. By the way, shout out to the production of this album too. It sounds phenomenal. You can crank it loud and hear every instrument clearly and with a crisp thunderous rock boom. It sounds amazing. The band’s touring guitarist Andy Sneap produced this record and he did a bang-up job on it! Let’s take a look at How the Latest Judas Priest album rocks in all the right ways!