Taylor Momsen- at WDHA's Rock the Park Photo Credit Joe Frazz

Terrie Carr here and I am thrilled the Queens of Noise is back for a new season on WDHA!

If you are not familiar with the show, I decided to take an hour a week and salute women who ROCK! Why? It’s simple.

I have been on rock radio for many years and remember the days when there were only “limited slots” for women to be played. Quite frankly, I call BS! Women have been killing it for a loooong time and are finally getting recognized for headlining and selling out tours, having number one charting records, and being as fierce as the boys.

Thank You all for the feedback, suggestions and support on the show. I couldn’t do it without you and check out this photo gallery of some of our fave rockers that have hung with us at DHA shows and at our studios.

We are thrilled to have two amazing ladies of rock on our WDHA Rock The Rock Fest bill- Dorothy and Taylor Momsen so please join us!

Hit me up at TC@WDHAFM.COM!

*Special thanks to  our sponsor Sweet Vinyl Cafe on Diamond Spring Road in Denville- https://www.sweetvinylcafe.com

North Jersey’s first Record Store and Cafe- Check out their Queens of Noise section too!