Hugo From Tantric with Matt Murray at Rock The Park - Photo curtesy of Neil Seiffer Photography

TC here and with my history at WDHA, I remember putting our Rock The Park Shows at Yogi Berra on always looking for cool talent that was buzzing with our listeners in the early to mid 2000’s!
It was a great time as the musical tides turned from grunge and straight ahead guitar rock started to dominate a sub genre of what was happening.

My list consists of innovative, talented bands whose roots are evident, but they had a sound that is all theirs.

We may not hear m much about them now, but their music is so worth listening to OR discovering if you aren’t familiar with them…..

Enjoy the 2000-2005 journey down musical lane!

  • Tantric - Breakdown- 2001

    One of the great rock songs of the early 2000’s , Tantric made a lot of noise with Breakdown and actually played one of our WDHA Rock The Park shows at Yogi Berra too. Their frontman Hugo Ferreira was really solid too and they had some great follow up tunes too….

  • The Donnas- Take It Off- 2003

    Under appreciated and under rated, The Donnas, an all female band out of Palo Alto California made up of Brett, Allison, Maya and Tory formed in the 90’s, released their Atlantic Records Debut in 2002 and their song “Take It Off” was a DHA favorite (I still get requests for it on QON). A band who today- would have been huge.


  • The Strokes- Last Night - 2001

    Formed in the 1990’s, The Strokes got the curse phrase “The band that’s going to save rock”….that I have heard so many times and is so unfair to ANY BAND! Raw, real, young and hungry there reinvigorated the NY music scene and released their biggest hit “Last Night” in 2001. The scene in New York was actually fantastic back in the early 2000’s much on part due to The Strokes and had been chronicled in an amazing Showtime documentary called “Meet Me In The Bathroom” which I love.


  • Silvertide- Ain't Coming' Home- 2004

    I LOVED these guys and they even opened one of our WDHA Naughty Or Nice Balls at Starland in 2004! (And they opened for Van Halen too!)

    Out of Philadelphia , Silverside was a band that should have blown up. Great musicianship, charismatic performers led by frontman Walt Lafty (and amazing guitars from Nick Perri) these guys were so good.

  • Wolfmother- Woman- 2005

    Amazing Aussie rockers led by Andrew Stockale,  I have no idea why these guys were not  massive.

    So talented and a great mix of 70’s nostalgia, metal, pop and raw power that is off the chain!

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