Ayron Jones at The WDHA Family Reunion - Photo Credit- Joe Frazz

TC here and there is nothing like the sound of a killer guitar! And the cool thing is every guitar sounds different.
There are some amazing players out there these days making their way to our ears and I decided to put together a list of a few of my favorite Axe Masters (and Mistresses!) carrying the torch for guitar rock.
No tricks, just talent. As Mellencamp says “Forget all about that macho —t and learn how to play guitar”!

  • Jared James Nichols

    I LOOOOOOOOVE this guy! Jared has a way of making blues sound completely metal and has been at it since 2015.
    He has received accolades from the industry, is a Gibson Guitar Ambassador and
    Check him out at Debonair Music Hall on 4/21 for a DHA show!

  • Samantha Fish

    Out of Kansas City, Samantha knows no boundaries. Rock, Blues, Bluegrass with a unique playing style and amazing presence, Samantha was in Jersey twice last year opening for our friend Kenny Wayne Shepherd and performing at Crawfish Festival. She is mesmerizing….

  • Ayron Jones

    A DHA fan favorite, Ayron is a Seattle rock guitar god who mixes rock, funk, blues and more soul than you can imagine. Ayron’s solo debut “Child Of The State” gave us multiple top ten radio singles and his incredible talents were on display at our 2021 WDHA Family Reunion show. So excited that he has a new record -“Chronicles Of The Kid” that is coming out in June

  • Wolfgang Van Halen

    Wolf is simply amazing. Not only is he a master of guitar, Wolfgang is a master at every instrument he encounters. And has an incredible voice! As humble as he is talented, being a massive EVH fan, I feel inspired that there is another generation of Van Halen talent to carry the torch- but make NO mistake- Wolf is his own musician. Making his own way. His second record is on the way. I can’t wait.

  • Bella Perron- Plush

    When. I first interviewed Bella Perron and asked her about her inspirations she quickly said “Ace Frehley” and “Slash” – I knew she was badass! Bella studied at the Berklee College Of Music and is an Ibanez endorser and when I saw her play I was mesmerized. You will be too….

  • Tyler Bryant

    Along with his band “The Shakedown” Tyler Bryant has made a name for himself as not only a great guitar player but singer and songwriter as well. With 5 records under their belt, Tyler and the band are carrying the torch for rock and blues.

  • Nita Strauss

    Hurricane Nita is a force of nature! She’s a woman who has brought her solo style to the masses and rock radio (with a number one record with Dead Inside featuring David Draiman) and was inspired by Steve Vai, Nita is breaking ground everywhere with her instrumental performances, creative freedom (she went from Alice Cooper to Demi Lovato’s band and is now back with Alice) Nita Strauss is a one of a kind mega talent changing the game for women who are inspired to grab a guitar and rule the world!

  • Jake Kiszka - Gretą Van Fleet

    Since their 2018 full length debut – Anthem Of The Peaceful Army, GVF guitarist Jake Kiszka has been acclaimed for his feel and his technique This 25 year old is not afraid to take chances as evident on their most recent “The Battle At Gardens Gate” – his work on “Built By Nations” is fantastic.

  • Marcus King

    Virtually unknown and nominated for a grammy in 2020, Marcus King is the son of known blues master Marvin King, so the blues is in his blood! His music has been produces by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys (and you can hear the influence in the sound of his Dan produced music) and his sound is waaaay more Southern Rock than Country if you ask me!

  • Mike Stringer- Spiritbox

    Had to bring some Metal into the mix! Canadian Metal Guitar Master Mike Stringer has a progressive sound that is so sweet. If you haven’t checked out Spiritbox yet- DO! His playing is both simple and complex! And their front woman Courtney LaPlante is amazing too.

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