Rockturnal With Scotty B

Check out Crazy Colonel John’s Calender for the month of February 2023. It’s his record of the RRZ Sell Outs. Salute Colonel!

  • #5. Soraia Double Play

    Tight Lipped and Strutter

    • Requested by Mama Ann M AKA Commander Ann M in Riverdale, NJ, and Requested by The Mander AKA Commander Chris M Rockturnaling working in South Plainfield, NJ
      Requested through the Facebook Request Line – Scotty B wdha
    • When it is close to a Full Moon or it is a Full Moon it always happens that 2 or more Brigaders will request the same band or songs!
    • Weird! Salute! Soraia rocks the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ On Good Friday, April 7th. Get your tickets now!

    #5 Soraia 1

  • #4 Shinedown Double Play

    Enemies and Cut The Cord

    • Requested by the Woodbridge Division Commander John L, Major Jenna L, and Ops Mama Tina
    • Requested through the Facebook Request Line – Scotty B wdha
    • The Woodbridge Division are huge Shinedown fans. Will Shine keep their crown in this year’s WDHA’s Rock Madness?
      If Woodbridge has anything to do with it they will! Stay tuned. Salute!

    #4 Shinedown

  • #3. Five Finger Death Punch

    Welcome To The Circus and Gone Away

    • Requested by The Airstream Astronaut Major Matered in Pequannock, NJ
    • Requested through the Email Request line –
    • Seems like it is a definite circus in the Materd household tonight! EEEEEWWWWWWW!!!! Salute! Somebody get him a doctooooor!!

    #3Five Fing Death punch

  • #2. Judas Priest Double Play

    Metal Gods and Grinder

    • Requested by The Orange County Rockers in Orange County, New York The Crazy Colonels Robin and john and crazy Corporal Andrew.
    • Requested through the Facebook Request line – Scotty B wdha
    • I love this request! Two great songs from Judas Priest’s 1980 album British Steel.
    • British Steel saw the band reprise the commercial sound they had established on Killing Machine. This time, they abandoned some of the dark lyrical themes which had been prominent in their previous releases, but some of them still remain.
    • My favorite Judas Priest album! Every song Fing kicks ass! Salute!

    #2 Judas Priest

  • #1. Ozzy Osbourne Double Play

    Ordinary Man and A Thousand Shades

    • Requested by Crazy Cousin Carl Rockturnaling and Working in Flanders, NJ
    • Requested through the Facebook Request Line – Scotty B wdha
    • Crazy Cousin Carl hit’s number one with his Ozzy double play of newer Ozzy.
    • Ordinary Man has Ozzy teaming up with Elton John and A thousand Shades has Ozzy teaming up with the Late Great Jeff Beck. It’s the new release from Ozzy’s New album Patient #9 that just won a grammy!
    • Great choice Carl! keep it up! Salute!

    #1 Ozzy

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