8 ’80s Metal Albums Everyone Should Own

Ronnie James Dio passed away nine years ago today (May 16), and besides gifting metalheads the iconic devil horn gesture, he left behind a catalog of music that would influence hard rock and metal for decades.

5 Cheesy Rock Music Videos

Today (September 5)  is "National Cheese Pizza Day.”  While you could (and should) celebrate by actually eating cheese pizza, we think you should also check out this gallery of some of the cheesiest music videos in rock.  Seriously…these videos are pretty awful.

R&R Hall of Fame CEO Joel Peresman On the Jolt

Ever since the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame opened its doors, there's been controversy. Why did this band get in? Why didn't that band get in? Is there a bias against heavy metal? Some of the selections have ultimately forced a redefinition of just what rock & roll is. Rock & Roll Hall of…