Jay Buchanan of The Rival Sons

TC here and I LOVE me some amazing vocals! And this week for the DHA Coffee Break we celebrate the under appreciated.
Great rock vocals aren’t always about hitting the note, but truly about having a distinct vocal style that mesmerizes an audience, gets down into your soul and is instantly recognizable. It’s also about delivering a song better than anyone.
Each of these vocalists is completely their own artist.
Some classic, some newer….each unique and on my list because their incredible talent has inspired me to love rock music more and more.

  • Paul Rodgers

    Whether it’s Free, Bad Company, The Firm, solo, his time in Queen or ANY of the projects this amazing vocalist has been involved with should have easily earned him a spot in the RNR HOF – how he is NOT in the Rock Hall and has been such a defining sound of the classic genre is mind boggling! Effortless, soulful and amazing.

  • Lou Gramm

    To me Foreigner IS Lou Gramm. That amazing voice that led the charge for arena rock. His solo work is incredible too.

  • Tom Keifer

    The KEEF is one of our great WDHA friends and such a unique vocalist who belts way beyond the 80’s genre.

    His bluesy, organic, raw vocals are passionate, unique and stand up in live performance to this day.
    His WDHA Raven Room appearance a few years back was epic!

  • Robin Zander

    Sometimes heavy, sometimes ethereal, sometimes dark, Cheap Trick vocalist Robin Zander is an irreplaceable American Treasure in one of rock music’s most iconic bands. His vocals create the most amazing mood every time he opens his mouth. No way I could imaging the band without him. No way.

  • Mike Farris

    Screaming Cheetah Wheelies vocalist Mike Farris is the definition of underrated.

    Mike led the charge never compromising his vocal style- from grunge, hair metal and pop/rock which were all popular when the Wheelies came out and did his own thing in the early 90’s and is an unstoppable force in rock.

  • Ian Astbury

    There would not be alternative without The Cult and the iconic, raw vocal beauty of Ian Astbury.

    A rock pirate with the unique vocal tone like nobody else…his vocal sounds as fresh and heavy today as it did almost 40 years ago……SO rock and roll!

  • Jay Buchanan

    The new breed of vocalist is personified by Jay Buchanan who has been the backbone of The Rival Sons for over ten years.

    Seen them live? Then you know how powerful he is!

  • Ray Gillen

    Cliffside Park NJ native and former Badlands,  Sabbath (for a  brief time)  and Rondinelli vocalist was a vocal BEAST and even though we lost him young and way too soon, Ray left an impact as a hard rock vocalist and the Badlands debut album is rock vocals 101 for anyone aspiring to front. band!

  • Chrissie Hynde

    The voice and primary songwriter behind the Pretenders for over 45 years, there is NO mistaking Chrissie Hynde’a vocals! I call her the Punk Karen Carpenter because her edgy, raw perfected vocal tone has a certain sense of edgy melancholy (and she’s so tough) and there is no way to hear her and say “I wonder who this is”?

  • John Waite

    Hands down one of my all time favorite singers. NO ONE delivers a song like John Waite.

    With The Baby’s, his incredible solo career or time with Bad English, John is amazing.

    When I had him on Reconnect with Rockers I almost flipped and just wanted him to sing!

  • Dorothy Martin

    Don’t let her great looks and charisma fool you. Dorothy can SING HER —OFF!

    If you haven’t seen her live, I don’t know what you are waiting for.

    She is into her third record and her vocal ability is mind blowing.
    Dorothy Martin is a ROCK GODDESS!

  • Lajon Witherspoon

    Yes,  Sevendust vocalist LJ may be a performance rock god, but his vocals go beyond the wild scream. LJ’s throat is soulful and his vocal performances do way more than just fire up the crowd- One of the under appreciated singers of all time, his range is especially evident is the bands early hit “Angel’s Son” .

  • Zakk Wylde

    I’ve referred to him as a “Heavy Metal Gregg Allman ” because of his soulful, rich, gravel tone – Often making the “Guitar Greats” lists – Father Zakk also needs to be on the lists of amazing vocalists! He is especially impressive on down tempo tunes when his throat is allowed to shine.

  • Joe Walsh

    Wanna talk unique? Joe Walsh is one of the most unique vocalists ever and man can he express a mood!

    “Pretty Maids All In A Row” is one to make you cry, “Life’s Been Good” makes you laugh and couple that with his extraordinary playing and it’s magic.

  • Kevin Martin

    I love Kevin’s voice and when 90’s singers are mentioned he is always left off the list and shouldn’t be.

    Kevin is still killing it live with his passionate vocals on Candlebox classics and new jams. Always amazing to see and out this summer with 3 Doors Down too!


  • Corey Taylor

    Ranked HIGH as a screaming, rough vocal guy in Slipknot, Corey’s “other voice” is beautiful and really connects when he is stripped down, solo and in his other band Stone Sour.

    Check out this acoustic cover of the Red Rider 80’s classic and you will see….

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