VIDEO: Stone Sour Security Tackles Fan on Stage

There is definitely a Russian/rush the stage pun somewhere in this video from a recent  Stone Sour show in Moscow, but we’re too distracted by just how hard a fan was tackled while attempting to approach Corey Taylor mid-gig.

VIDEO: Chris Cornell’s “When Bad Does Good”

Chris Cornell, the retrospective set covering the many stages of the late singer, is out now and features the new track “When Bad Does Good.”  The moving song, which was previously unreleased until this new set, now has an equally moving video starring his son, Christopher.

RANKING: Pantera’s New Christmas Apparel

Whether or not you like “ugly Christmas sweaters,” they’re a piece of clothing that won’t go away.  So what better way to embrace this staple of the holidays than by combining it with the wonder that is metal?