It’s Mike Anthony and I’m very psyched to have you check out our “Unsigned Heroes” debut! For this first installment, we bring you Jersey-based rockers ORBYNOT. Guitarist Tony Gabriele brought together some like-minded metalheads to create this sonic force to be reckoned with. Blistering guitar riffs layered over heavy, pounding drumbeats and steady bass grooves – It’s a hard rock throwdown led by Metal Rose on vocals, whose Halford inspired melodies pack a punch in combination with the great tunes.

Orbynot is a passionate band, looking to expose the world to their heavy anthems…..and they’re working so hard to do that! Watch as I chat with (Guitarist) Tony, (Bassist) Dennis, (Drummer) Dave, and (vocalist) Metal Rose for the first episode of Unsigned Heroes!!!!!


BONUSOrbynot performing “Shedding Skin”:


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