Queens Of Noise RETURNS

Fridays 2pm

Simply put Nita Strauss is a force of nature, incredible, powerful, hence her nickname “Hurricane” Nita!

I have been trying to Reconnect with her for quite awhile and when I heard she was available to Zoom I flipped out.

This guitar GODDESS has been making a name for herself as a solo artist, Alice Cooper’s guitar player for the past seven years and now climbing the rock charts with her tune “Dead Inside” which teams her with mega vocalist David Draiman of Disturbed!

In this webisode Nita tells us about the artist that changed the course of her life, what her forthcoming record will sound like, how practice “can” make perfect and her future plans.

She will be out with Alice as part of WDHA’s Spring Scare show at NJ PAC so get your tickets!

A force to be reckoned with changing the game for women everywhere. I’m blown away by her.

We will continue to bring you the ROCK!