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Businesses We Complain About Most

As customers, many of us like to complain and point out the biggest issues we run into.  I try every now and again (when I remember) to pass a word of praise to someone’s supervisor or fill out a survey being very complimentary when I get good service.  Only because there’s so much negativity out there.  Don’t get me wrong though.  I do my fair share of complaining as well, just like you.  But it seems that many of us have experiences with certain types of businesses that cause more complaints than others! According to a new survey, it seems customers are most satisfied with our experiences with athletic shoes.  Not sure why this is and it says a bit arbitrary, but I guess we love our Nikes or Converse! Beyond athletic shoes, here's a rundown of the industries customers seem to like the most: Athletic shoes Soft drinks Breweries Full-service restaurants Online retailers And here's a look at the industries customers seem to have the most -- and biggest -- complaints about: Gas stations – Not really surprising, since the prices are always outrageous! Internet service providers – Again, pricing!  Are we really getting what we pay for? Subscription TV services – So many things to watch, yet nothing to put on.  I don’t get it!! U.S. Postal Service – They’re prices can be steep and they’re not the quickest. Social media – Glad to see I’m not the only one who gets tired of people’s political rants and pics of what they had for dinner.

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