Marc LaBelle from Dirty Honey at WDHA

Rocker Friends,
I STILL love music videos! Especially the great ones!
Being an MTV kid, I was raised on watching my favorite rock stars delivering their tunes in video form. Over the years, the art of the “video” has ebbed and flowed, so when I see videos that are conceptually and visually stunning and that do justice to the songs they represent, I have to share them.

One that aides in the storytelling of an amazing song. Not one that overpowers the song or takes away from it or has nothing to do with it. A great video is a companion piece to a great song and elevates that song to a new level of appreciation and understanding.

Rock music is on fire these days, with styles, flavors, and textures of bands hitting musical strides, and when I see videos that accompany these awesome tunes I get excited!

New bands, artists we know and love, some heavier, some more organic and rootsy, duets, all featured.- The one common thread?- Both the songs AND the videos are AWESOME! And each video is a perfect visual journey of the song that tells its story. And it’s awesome to see the acting and concepts of some of these bands too. Some surprised me quite a bit!

Check Out These Interviews

TC Video Interview With Caleb Shomo From Beartooth

TC Video Interview With Ann Wilson

TC Video Interview With Marc LaBelle From Dirty Honey

TC Video Interview with Dave “Phoenix” Farrell from Linkin Park

Thanks for checking out some of my favorite new rock videos and for listening to WDHA. You can listen live ANYWHERE!
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  • Dirty Honey- Coming Home (Ballad Of The Shire)

    Dirty Honey singer Marc LaBelle explains it best…
    Said LaBelle, “Being musicians that live on the road, ‘Home’ has become wherever it is that we’re playing music, rather than a particular place. We wanted to showcase our separate journeys, knowing full well that the music will always call us back home.”
    The video is absolutely stunning to watch- I dare you NOT to get chills.

  • Godsmack- Truth

    This video is SO awesome that the band’s Youtube link crashed and had to be reloaded 20 plus hours later!
    Sully shows his acting chops on this powerful tune about love, loss and distrust. Destined to be a Smack Classic… A video must watch!

  • Disturbed (Featuring Ann Wilson) - Don't Tell Me

    I can watch this video over and over.  It’s perfect- The vocals and the incredible presence of David Draiman PLUS Ann Wilson (who looks absolutely breathtaking when she appears on screen) are everything a video for a dynamic, passionate song like this should be. It took a few concepts to get the video “just right’ as Ann told me in a recent WDHA Reconnect With Rockers webiside- and it was well worth it.

  • Linkin Park- Friendly Fire

    Watching Chester deliver the vocals for this absolutely timeless piece of music is chilling and thrilling at the same time. The music is best experienced by watching this video while you are listening to the song. It’s an emotional experience and makes April 12th 2024 become a date that is worth waiting for as we will get “Papercuts” the bands new singles collection.

  • Beartooth- I Was Alive

    This video is AWESOME! And shows a totally different side of a band known for metal, wild performances and mayhem. The video content is so relatable and Beartooth has a way of leaving the past behind for a brighter future. Bravo to the band. Quickly becoming one of my favorite new bands for sure.

    The growth of Beartooth and the journey of this band and connection to their fans  has proclaimed them an unstoppable force in music and this video is a must watch! (And trust me, you’ll watch it over and over!)

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