Are there specific rocking tunes that remind you of 105.5 WDHA- The Rock Of New Jersey?

We hear that phrase from WDHA listeners ALL THE TIME! – “This song reminds me so much of WDHA”!

WDHA has always been a unique rock radio station. Not following the norm, creating our path, and always embracing the “Oh Wow” factor when it comes to rock. Songs didn’t need to be the biggest hits to gain exposure on “The Rock Of New Jersey’, but rather “rock” and make a connection with the listeners. Music is like time travel, it takes you back and we have almost 5 decades as a station that our listening family refers back to when picking out songs that bring back cool memories.

WDHA Makes Memories!

We do. Whenever we rock a specialty lunch hour, you always request songs that mean something to you. And some people say- “This song always reminds me of WDHA”. I’ve been asking some of our listeners for tunes that remind them exclusively of WDHA and a few of the same names keep popping up. I compiled a list of 5 of the tunes that keep popping up in emails, phone calls, and social posts. PLUS a bonus song that listeners love when the weather gets warm.

Music Makes The Day (or Night)

At WDHA we understand how much music means to you. Because it means the same to us. Your thoughts, feelings, suggestions, and opinions are what have helped us serve our rock community for almost 50 years and for that, we salute YOU!

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  • Donnie Iris - Ah Leah

    We hear this all the time from diehard WDHA fans! “When I was growing uo – Donnie Iris – Ah Leah always reminded me of WDHA”!
    Donnie Iris is a living legend with this infectious one hit wonder- that still holds up today!

  • Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies - Shakin' The Blues

    One of the greatest criminally underrated bands of the 1990’s (and beyond) The Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies were a WDHA staple in the early 90’s and the station kind of adopted the band and their fans! The played shows for us and made such a tremendous connection that “Shakin’ The Blues” is still one of those songs that people NEED to hear!

  • Smithereens- Blood and Roses

    Pat and the boys have always been the heart and soul of New Jersey and WILL ALWAYS be a big part of The Rock Of New Jersey.

    Another band for the “most underrated’ club, with some of the most beautiful, melancholy, power pop rock songs every written and performed.

    The first time I ever heard them (as a listener) was on WDHA and they remain part of the station to this day.

  • Red Rider- Lunatic Fringe

    One of the most underrated songs of the 1980’s- “Lunatic Fringe” , is one of those songs people tell me “I loved when this came out, I used to hear it on DHA”! It’s a timeless classic, one we still get requests for and one we still play.

  • Autograph - Turn Up The Radio

    A WDHA fan favorite (listeners love the hair band 80’s!) – Autograph’s 1984 fun time anthem reflects the 1980’s in the best possible way and is still one of our most requested 1980’s tunes. Perhaps because it’s about radio? We love that!

  • BONUS TRACK!!!!!!!- Y&T- Summertome Girls

    As soon as we hit 70 degrees or higher- This one gets requested!

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