TC repping T.T. Quick

Who clubbed in New Jersey in the 1980’s and 1990’s? Come on! You know you did!
The simple (and best) times in New Jersey- Meeting up with friends, making new friends, grabbing a beverage and throwing up the horns, dancing or jamming with your favorite local band in your favorite local bar or club.
Good times and great memories- and so much NJ talent too!

Get ready to head down music memory lane……..

  • Prophet

    If you were a fan of ROCK in the clubs in the 1980’s, Prophet was probably a favorite!
    Starting out as a cover band and scoring a record deal with Megaforce, this talented band ruled the NJ and NY Club scene for well over a decade.

  • T.T. Quick

    LOVE THEM!! Classic Metal POWER! Metal Of Honor is a classic. If you find it…grab it and crank it up!

  • Strutter

    A night of dancing fun? Strutter was the go to band! Check out this vintage performance from the legendary Tradewinds in Sea Bright! I was happy to hear from one of the bands vocalists Pam, who reminded me that the band was known for being the only new wave band featuring two female lead singers. Thanks Pam for being a trailblazer!

  • Holme

    These guys were always playing The Fountain Casino and WDHA played this tune (how could we not, come on! )

    Let’s Do The “Garden State Parkway Boogie”….So much fun!


  • Flossie

    I snuck into a few clubs to see Flossie as their female singer Flossie was so cool! Long dark hair, awesome stage presence – they appeared on a WDHA New Jersey Rock album with this tune!

  • Southern Cross

    The Southern Cross band were NJ’s premiere southern rock cover band back in the 80’s.  Here they are recently celebrating 50 years of playing the clubs!

  • The Nerds

    No N.J. party was ever complete without THE NERDS!! One of the Garden States most popular bands ever- The Nerds combined style and substance and always gave us a great time!

  • Dog Voices

    THE club band to see in the 1990’s in New Jersey, Dog Voices were a favorite at WDHA events too! So much fun!

  • Bystander

    Active in the 80’s , (1981-1987) Bystander consisted of Stan, Bucky and Andy and ruled the club scene especially in Central Jersey.

  • Xenon

    Union County Metal baby! Xenon was primed for success in the 1980’s!
    I remember seeing them at Studio One many times. True New Jersey 80’s rock.

  • Bums In The Park

    Featuring our own Jim Monaghan- Bums In The Park formed in the mid 1980’s with our own WDHA Morning Jolt host Jim Monaghan as their esteemed guitarist! Bums were oftenFound playing live at the shore and many NJ and NY bars (Including September’s in East Hanover – remember that place?) They were a talented group of guys-
    Jim left in the early 90’s but the band kept going for a few years after.

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