Terrie Carr

Summer Rockers – 23 Songs You Shouldn’t Forget

Summer Rockers! The songs of summer. Hey friends, It's Terrie Carr and I wait for this time of year because I love being a summer jukebox for WDHA listeners. As we head into the summer of 2024 (and a massive New Jersey heatwave) I decided to celebrate the summer with a WDHA Coffee Break theme and highlight some "cool" summer rockers. These are songs that just SOUND better between May and September. They signify that summer has hit the state of New Jersey and we are ready. Even the dogs enjoy a cool summer play list! Summer Rockers - Picking The List  I tried to keep the song list diverse with classics, metal, the '80s, and '90s, current-based music, and some super fun jams.  20 Summer Songs was tough so I "jammed" in a few more! There is something about summer rock too. It gives us a feeling of youth, freedom, and fun. The days are longer, and you can make an excuse to do just about anything that is "just a little more fun"- After all "IT'S SUMMER"!  Summer in New Jersey is a state favorite. Outdoor Concerts, Beaches, Lakes, Outdoor Dining, Day Trips, Who Remembers These Vintage NJ Day Trips? Parks, Parking Lot Parties, Pools, and more are events that we cannot partake in during the colder months, so summer is a time we wait all year for.  5 Pet-Friendly Places WDHA's Dog Days Of Summer Photos WDHA's Rock The Park Summer with Halestorm/I Prevail WDHA's Parking Lot Party With P.O.D. And of course, WDHA is your summer buddy - for tunes, events, concerts, and more. Download the WDHA App and take us with you wherever you go. Download The WDHA App Here Me on the beach- yup- that's my foot- away from the crowd! So get out your WDHA beach towel and I hope you have the BEST summer ever- Filled with family, friends, music, WDHA shenanigans, and good health.  Check out my list below and listen all week for the WDHA Coffee Break at 10:50a to hear summer rockers songs on the radio!   My Summer Rockers List 

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