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New Music Friday – Cool Tracks and Releases To Check Out NOW

Hey Music Lovers, It's Terrie Carr and it's "NEW MUSIC FRIDAY" Every few Fridays I love to highlight some cool new tunes/releases that are out and ready for your ears to devour! Discovering new artists to support is a passion. And New Music Discovery has always been such a HUGE part of the WDHA rock mission. And regardless of what people may say, most new music is discovered on the radio! I simply could not imagine not introducing our listening family to what's happening in rock from up-and-coming bands and the heritage artists that we love and respect. What's New Check out these new tunes that I cannot stop singing and jamming to this week- The new Pearl Jam song is EPIC! and if you haven't checked out Mike Anthony's take on the first tune on my list, check it out here- An Honest Take On Dark Matter Also my Reconnect with Rockers episode with Mick Mars Mick Mars With TC as Mick's full release- The Other Side of Mars is out today! AND the long-awaited Ace Frehley release is out as well- 10,000 Volts ROCKS - Classic Ace, with a fresh vibe- Here is My night at Ace's- so much fun- A Night At Ace Frehley's - Photo Gallery There is also a KILLER new project featuring an amazing vocalist who you know and the ladies are represented as well with a band that is so talented and has a long future in rock music and that WDHA listeners are totally gravitating to. AND a killer cut from Nothing More- Check out one of their WDHA performances here- WDHA Exclusive Performances AND a gift from Linking Park.....no explanation needed. Enjoy the new tunes that come our way, every week, every day.....We will continue to bring them to YOU! Terrie Carr Also, check out these WDHA exclusives .... WDHA's Reconnect With Rockers With Rob Halford Join Us For WDHA Rock The Rock Fest VIP Fun Rock Clubs From Back In The Day

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