Listener Kelly sent us this "entry blank" that she found in a family members home from 40 years ago! WILD!

With almost fifty years of Rock Radio and New Jersey history under our belts, WDHA was always a groundbreaking station, committed to our listeners, community, and ROCK MUSIC!

Every so often we like to look back at our legacy and have a few laughs and see how far we have come AND look to the future of “THE ROCK OF NEW JERSEY” –

It has been our pleasure! Check out 10 fun WDHA “legacy” memories!

  • The First Station To Play A CD in 1983

    In 1983, WDHA was the FIRST radio station in the country to play a “Compact Disc”! Revolutionary!

    The sound quality of the CD at the time was truly audible on the air and the station decided to capitalize on our trailblazer reputation by offering our listeners the opportunity to hear the quality difference (at the time vinyl and carts were the source of all of our audio) by offering two features- “Laser Lunch” and Digital Dinner” with one band exclusively played from CD and the two players we were so proud of!


    WDHA was the first station in the country to play a CD with our Laser Lunch and Digital Dinner features!

  • We Gave Away US Festival Tickets

    Memorial Day Weekend – 1983- The US Festival was historic with Van Halen, Bowie, Stevie Nicks, Judas Priest, Scorpions, and a ton of 80’s bands- It was EPIC!

    WDHA gave away a trip to this GINORMOFEST! Offering “entry blanks” at our studios and various sponsor locations. Imagine having to GO SOMEWHERE to enter? Ahhhhh the days before the internet- they kinda ruled, didn’t they?

    US Festival WDHA

    Listener Kelly sent us this “entry blank” that she found in a family members home from 40 years ago! WILD!


  • We Always Had Amazing Station Swag

    As early as 1980, WDHA started making customized station shirts, boxers, specific show shirts, and of course JACKETS! This vintage 80’s jacket is a rarity and TC has a pristine, new one hanging in her station office closet…..NO ONE is allowed to touch it!

    WDHA Satin Jacket

    The WDHA Satin Jacket was born in the 1980’s And they were for sale!

  • We Had Our Own Record Label And Vinyl To Help Expose New Artists And Give Back

    WDHA put out seven NJ Rock albums and CD’s ending with NJ Rock 7 in 1990.  There was a fantastic angle to many of these albums as the proceeds from many NJ Rock collection went to local charities including The Children’s Hospital AIDS Program at United Hospitals of Newark, and The AIDS Center provided by Hope House in Dover. 

    WDHA’s original owner Bob Linder dies of AIDS in the early 1990s and his mission was to educate and give back to the local community. He was a radio visionary and always felt the power of his local station and all the good rock and radio could accomplish.

    NJ Rock

    WDHA NJ Rock Albums showcased local and soon to be national talent. Including Twisted Sister and Glen Burtnick

  • Our Playlist Was Available At Local Record and Convenience Stores

    Grabbing a sandwich? Grab a playlist! WDHA printed out playlists weekly available at the station and local record and convenience stores so you could browse the tunes!


    WDHA’s playlist (including specialty shows) could be found at local record stores AND grocery and convenience stores!

  • Rock The Park Shows Started Actually At Parks Over Thirty Years Ago!

    WDHA Rock The Park shows were not always at Yogi Berra Stadium and PNC Bank Arts Center.

    They started as FREE shows in local parks like The Arboretum in Morristown, Echo Lake Park, and Branch Brook Park.

    Some of the bands that played? The Spin Doctors, Blackfoot, David Crosby, and Gov’t Mule.

    Good news? They were free to get in……bad news? Adult beverages were not served. They have since evolved, but man we remember those fun shows on hot summer days in our local parks!


    Warren Haynes and TC Rock the Park 1994 at Echo Lake Park in Kenilworth

  • We Served Clams In A Parking Lot!

    We  STILL get people telling us how much fun they had at WDHA Clam and Jam shows in the early to mid-1990s!

    Take a parking lot in Mt, Arlington, buy a bunch of clams and beer, grab some awesome rockers, charge admission, and LET’S PARTY!

    Shows featured The Screaming, Cheetah Wheelies, the late Neal Casal, and of course our brother Zakk Wylde.

    We clammed and jammed!


    Zakk Wylde rocking at WDHA’s Clam and Jam show in the early 1990’s.

  • We Have Walls and Walls Of Gold and Platinum Records

    Our collection dates back well over 40 years with vintage gold and platinum from Bon Jovi, Journey, Pink Floyd, and hundreds more! It’s so awesome when artists visit and walk the halls looking for their records- we LOVE that!


    Our gold and platinum collection graces our walls proudly and is absolutely EPIC! Bands love coming by to look for their releases!

  • Our Doors (and lawn and lot) Were Always Open To Our Listeners

    WDHA opened our station to the public in the 1980’s with “WDHA OPEN HOUSE” parties with artists (including the Smithereens) playing live on the lawn and the chance for listeners to stop by and hang with us.

    We have continued the tradition with open houses throughout the years and of course our now summer “Parking Lot Party” series!


    WDHA Open House on Route 10 in Randolph circa 1983!

  • We Sold Condoms

    Nuff Said on this! Better safe than sorry right?

    WDHA Custom Condom

    WDHA sold condoms in the 1980’s and early 90’s and they were a BIG seller!

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