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Lita Ford Checks In With TC (Interview) and Terrie’s 5 Fave Lita Ford Jams

[audio mp3=""][/audio] Greetings Friends! Here is my interview with the one and only Lita Ford. Lita has long been an inspiration to me (since I got my first Runaway's record as a kid!) as she is such a powerhouse at everything she does. Her guitar playing is amazing, her vocals are pure Lita, metal, hard rock sexy swagger and she is a killer interview with her candor, attitude, and a great look at life as a rock star. We speak about new music, being in "a band", being inspired by Eddie Van Halen and Gary Hoey, not compromising, and much more- Lita rocks the Starland Ballroom on September 22nd- Starland Tickets For Lita Ford. She's amazing live. I am also sharing my list of 5 Lita TC Faves, (beyond the hits) that I can't live without!

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