Don Felder is always fantastic to catch up with! Music, touring, life….Don is always so open, honest and giving in his interviews.

The King of the double neck, writer of some of classic rock’s greatest tunes, Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer and solo artist is still going strong with his incredible solo band and is busier than ever.

I speak  with Don about the challenges of touring these days, his incredibly busy schedule, reinventing himself, his killer band AND of course the main reason he checked in is because he will be headlining the Rock, Ribs And Ridges Festival at Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta June 24, 25, and 26th (Don headlines Saturday the 25th at 7:30p ) – Grab your tickets below!

And The WDHA Morning Jolt has your chance to win all week too!

Thanks for the time Don.…going to hold you to that studio promise too!