TC brings on Rival Sons at the Raven Room for a WDHA exclusive performance

Greetings Rockers!

I’m thinking about summer, Parking Lot Parties, and a few of our most memorable “WDHA Exclusive Performances”.
The greatest thing about having an almost 50-year history as a rock station is that WDHA- The Rock Of New Jersey -has an amazing amount of exclusive artist performances from just about everywhere! In studio audio and video, concert video, on location exclusives, we have it all.

The Performances

Back in the day, the “audio recording” was the most modern way to capture our performances. Bon Jovi, Bad Company, Def Leppard, we have some fantastic archives, however, when video started to emerge, we made sure to capture these exclusive moments to watch and listen to.
While so many of our WDHA performance video exclusives are SO GOOD, I chose a few that I have always remembered for different reasons.
Audience reaction, choice of song, vibe, and what the moment of the performance actually felt like.WDHA is committed to giving our listeners “experiences” as many of you know. The music beyond the music as we like to say. That should always be the mantra of local radio stations.
So please watch the 8 videos below. They are all pretty epic.
Some of you may have been present for a performance, OR perhaps you heard it on the air, OR better still, it’s the first time you are experiencing it, years later and it gives you chills!

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Rock On!
Terrie Carr

  • Dorothy- Wicked Ones

    I decided to post the “FIRST” time Dorothy performed live for WDHA almost 8 years ago. I remember seeing her open for Halestorm AND Lita Ford, being completely knocked over and saying “I need to put this girl and her band on the air”!
    Shortly after that she stopped by for a visit and I saw even stripped down what a rockstar she was!
    Since then she has released two more records and is not only a friend of the station, but a friend of mine. It’s hard to blow me away. Dorothy does every time I see her…..

  • Mark Tremonti Covers The Cars

    Mark Tremonti blows me away in whatever he does. Alter Bridge, Creed and especially his solo band “Tremonti”, where he not only handles guitar work, but also lead vocals. Mark and bandmate Eric Friedman stopped by to perform a rare acoustic set on my show AND knocked me over playing one of my favorite covers from one of my favorite bands! “Just What I Needed” from The Cars!

  • Warren Haynes- River's Gonna Rise

    One of the greatest players EVER! Allman Brother and Govt Mule founder Warren Haynes in the studio is always moving. His effortless playing and emotional vocals make him one of my personal favorites over the years and he is such a lovely person too.

  • Rival Sons- Wild Horses (Rolling Stones Cover)

    One of the MOST epic WDHA performances in station history. Rival Sons are one of the greatest and most underrated bands in rock music and when we had the opportunity to bring them into an exclusive space at “The Raven Room” in Morristown New Jersey for an intimate listener experience (win your way in!) I jumped at the chance and flipped my lid. I have loved them since I first saw them open for Black Sabbath and I heard their “Pressure & Time” record. The band BLEW US AWAY and when they busted out this Stones cover- the room of 100 winners was absolutely mesmerized.

  • Myles Kennedy- Year Of The Tiger

    We love Myles Kennedy! And when he stopped by on Valentine’s Day to perform live with his manager and co-guitarist and solo collaborator Tim Tournier , everyone’s jaws dropped. No enhancements, no special requirements. Myles, Tim, guitars and mics. Easy Peasy. And AMAZING! Myles vocals are mind boggling.  No effects ever needed. Myles, come back….we love you.

  • Monster Truck- Old Train

    While Monster Truck may not be the most well known band, this one was one of the most memorable performances because the band was FULL electric! FULL gear in our small studio space. The power of this performance was off the charts and so was the volume… the camera shake as we get the overhead shots! You could hear this one on Route 10! SO MUCH FUN!

  • Crobot- Chain Of Fools (Aretha Franklin Cover)

    One of the most classic R&B songs EVER! Written by Don Coway and made famous by  the iconic Queen Of Soul,  Aretha Franklin, Crobot performed “Chain Of Fools” March 1st, 2020- for our “WDHA Sunday Funday” celebration at The Raven Room in Morristown. This performance was so incredible as the band was literally performing any and every song that listeners were yelling out! “Sledgehammer” -DONE, “Outshined”- DONE, “Chain Of Fools” -DONE! The vocals on this impromptu version proves how Brandon Yeagley is one one of rock’s greatest new vocalists.  And I will always remember this incredible day because two weeks later, the world shut down!

  • Coheed and Cambria- Welcome Home

    All of our WDHA Parking Lot Party Performances (which we started in 2022) have been pretty epic, but when Coheed and Cambria comes to town, you know the entries are going to be off the chain!

    We had so many entries for this one, including people out of state willing to fly in for the performance. WDHA has had that experience with Coheed before, when we put them in a brewery for the fans, so we knew that their PLP performance would be awesome. Especially when they whip out this Coheed classic.

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