The massive WDHA CD wall

Hey Gang!
WDHA is moving towards our 50th Anniversary as “The Rock Of New Jersey”!
Holy Crap! We can’t believe it!
Fun station memories…..We love them.
It’s TC and our brother Curtis Kay was here from the beginning, followed by me- and Jim Monaghan.
Over the years we have had some super fun events, whacky times, and CRAZY promotions! And a lot of you were here for all of them.

Through The Years

We have some incredible station history with events and groundbreaking moments – WDHA was the first station to play a CD “Compact Disc” in the country as our then station owner the late, great Bob Linder was a total audiophile and obsessed with sound! We were also one of the first stations ever to put a “Metal Show” on the air with the High Priestess Cheryl Richardt on Friday Nights. Hell Yeah!

WDHA is one of the nation’s longest-serving heritage ROCK stations and we are so proud of the station’s legacy and the fact that we had some fun moving the needle (no pun intended) sonically, regionally, and creatively.

From station swag to band performances, concerts, rock history, and more, the WDHA name is synonymous with two things- ROCK and COMMUNITY. I decided to highlight 3 of our historic (and fun) moments in this list below, but please refer to the link below for 10 of our “Vintage Rock Of New Jersey” memories.

Celebrating Over 40 Years Of WDHA Memories

We are Loud and Proud and humbled and honored that you are taking this journey of decades of music and lifestyle evolution with us and having the internet to connect us is just another part of our evolution.
As always, if you have fun WDHA moments you would like to share, email them to me, [email protected]
and thank you for being a part of our Rock and Roll New Jersey Family!

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Rock On Friends!

  • We Served Clams (and Jams!) In A Parking Lot


    Zakk Wylde rocking at WDHA’s Clam and Jam show in the early 1990’s.

    We STILL get people telling us how much fun they had at WDHA Clam and Jam shows in the early to mid-1990s!

    Take a parking lot in Mt, Arlington, buy a bunch of clams and beer, grab some awesome rockers, charge admission, and LET’S PARTY!

    Shows featured The Screaming, Cheetah Wheelies, the late Neal Casal, and of course our brother Zakk Wylde.

    We clammed and we jammed!

  • We Were The First Station In The Country To Play A CD


    The massive WDHA CD wall still exists 

    In 1983, WDHA was the FIRST radio station in the country to play a “Compact Disc”! Revolutionary!

    What was the CD? Billy Joel’s 52nd St. (Big Shot the tune)

    The sound quality of the CD at the time was truly audible on the air and the station decided to capitalize on our trailblazer reputation by offering our listeners the opportunity to hear the quality difference (at the time vinyl and carts were the source of all of our audio) by offering two features- “Laser Lunch” and Digital Dinner” with one band exclusively played from CD and the two players we were so proud of!

  • We Sold WDHA Custom Condoms

    WDHA Custom Condom

    WDHA sold condoms in the 1980’s and early 90’s and they were a BIG seller!

    The custom Condom started in the 1980’s at WDHA and was quite revolutionary in promoting rock and safe sex!

    Started by station owner Bob Linder, these were sold at our studios and had the WDHA logo on the package.



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