The Capitol Theater in Passaic- Original Program

Hey Music Lovers!
I know from speaking with you and hanging with you daily that we have many WDHA listeners of the MTV ’80s and ’90s generation! Including ME!

When I did an “MTV themed” All Request Lunch Hour back on August 1st- (the date the channel launched in 1981) I had SO many requests for songs that featured videos that our listeners loved. But, did you know how many iconic videos were filmed in the great state of New Jersey?! More than I am including on this list! It seems I always hear of artists that filmed and recorded here, there is so much uncredited musical history in New Jersey and when you do a deep dive, you can truly find some awesome history. Was I at any of these video shoots? You bet! A Jersey Girl, and music fan….me and my pals made sure we were on the Boardwalk for Bon Jovi! And while even I was surprised to see how many cool videos chose our state for their background, it’s not surprising.

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  • Billy Idol- Rebel Yell- Filmed at the Capitol Theater in Passaic

    Rumored to be about a whiskey and a drinking binge with members of The Rolling Stones, the “Rebel Yell” video was filmed at the LEGENDARY Capitol Theater in Passaic New Jersey- (The home of SOOOOO many incredible shows, I was there for many of them!) with an audience of kids bussed in from NYC. What a classic.

  • Bon Jovi- In and Out Of Love- Filmed on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk

    And while this was not the ONLY Bon Jovi video shot in New Jersey as “Only Lonely” from 7800 Farenheit at the Modern Times club in Sayreville and

  • Cyndi Lauper- Time After Time- Filmed at Tom's Diner in Jefferson and The Morristown Train Station

    Cyndi Lauper was one of the first GIANT MTV stars and picked Morris County to shoot her tremendously successful “Time After Time” video! The diner scenes filmed at the now defunct “Tom’s Diner” in Roxbury, street scenes filmed in Wharton and the train station scene filmed in Morristown, our own WDHA legend Curtis Kay remembered those days and used to speak about them with me. heck, its was a BIG DEAL to film videos in the early 80’s not far from the WDHA studios (then on rt. 10) and this was one of MTV’s biggest!

  • Bruce Springsteen- Tunnel Of Love- Filmed in Asbury Park

    One of the most powerful, underrated and beautiful songs from Bruce, this video still gives me chills. It’s perfection. Something about the haunting feel of the Asbury Park beach, Boardwalk and Palace Amusements, coupled with Bruce’s passionate performance (especially when he is walking alone at the end) – Perfection.

  • Run DMC- Aerosmith- Walk This Way - The Park Theater- Union City

    This incredible collaboration checked many boxes. The first to combine rock and rap influencing so many artists in the future, revitalizing the career of Aerosmith, who was out of the mainstream for awhile due to their substance abuse and feuds, and introduced both bands to different and new generations of fans. Our good friend Daryl “DMC” McDaniels has been on my show many times talking about how neither band had any idea how ground breaking the collaboration would be. The video is iconic and was filmed at the Park theater in Union City. The Park Theater is still in existence and putting on shows and cultural events.

  • Alice In Chains- Headbangers Ball- Action Park- Vernon

    I’ve written about my fave place to visit growing up as a kid “Action Park” many times! But did you know that Alice In Chains took to the legendary “wild water park” in 1993 to guest on “Headbangers Ball” and hut the danger rides? While this isn’t necessarily a “music video”, it was an early episode of “Headbangers Ball” and is too great not to include.

    This is absolutely amazing, legendary footage…..the wave pool, rafting, interviews and most of all a smiling, joyous Layne Staley make this video one of my all time favorites. Ahhhh…those were the days!

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