Photo Credit- Joe Frazz

TC here and this week’s WDHA Coffee Break theme is a fun one!
We rock tunes with female names AS the title. One word, one name, one title!
I’m still waiting for a “Terrie” tune. Just saying!

  • Rosalita

    I always wished my name was Rosie! Ironically my dog’s name is! And we refer to her as “Rosalita” quite a bit at home. Bruce also has “Sandy” and “Candy”….but Rosie coming out is the bomb.
    “This vintage performance is golden!


  • Slash Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators- Anastasia

    One of the EPIC Slash jams of all time…..this one is a favorite – and Myles vocals are so passionate.


  • Kinks- Lola

    L.O.L.A. – This is the ultimate sing along tune and broke down a lot of barriers too. Still one of my favorite classic rockers of all time.


  • Allman Brothers Band- Jessica

    One of the greatest rock instrumentals of all time……Impossible not to get lost in this one…written as a tribute to a jazz guitarist by Dickie Betts (but named after his baby daughter) Jessica is a masterpiece.


  • The Police- Roxanne

    While the lyrics pretty much spell out the tune, Roxanne was groundbreaking for The Police – And is still one of the greatest tunes of all time.


  • Marillion - Kayleigh

    OMG I LOVED THIS SONG! Marillion a sort of one hit wonder band from the 80’s with this beautiful ballad that brings me back!


  • The Rolling Stones- Angie

    One of my favorite rock ballads of all time, Angie is such a classic. I love everything about this tune rumored to have been written about many people – I especially love when Mick “whispers” in our ear…..I still get chills.


  • Boston- Amanda

    Even in ballads the guitars of Boston SCREAMED! This is such an underrated tune and made us all want to be “Amanda”.



  • Derek and The Dominos - Layla

    The passion in this song is undeniable as Clapton pined for his soon to be wife Patti Boyd (who at the time was the wife of George Harrison) and was a heaping emotional mess while putting this masterpiece together. WOW….Imagine that this song was inspired by YOU?! Duane Allman and Clapton also had chemistry on this tune as their guitar mastery is EPIC.


  • My Chemical Romance- Helena

    A song inspired by the mourning of losing someone, Helena was partially inspired by the death of MCR lead vocalist Gerard Way’s Grandmother “Elena” .  Love these guys from N.J.


  • Kiss- Beth

    This Peter Criss masterpiece is a 70’s staple….”Just a few more hours and I’ll be right home to you”…..Oh how I wished my name was Beth when I heard this one as a kid!


  • Goo Goo Dolls- Iris

    We needed some 90’s flavor on the list and this is such a killer song from The Goo Goo Dolls…’s so beautifully crafted and really emotional. Dynamite…


  • Europe- Carrie

    80’s Cheese? You bet. Great love jam? You bet! And the video is so 80’s guilty pleasure!

  • Fleetwood Mac- Sara Or Rhiannon

    Stevie has the knack of representing women in so many ways. Both tunes are amaZing and beautiful.

  • U2- Gloria

    One of my favorite U2 tunes of all time- There are a few rock Gloria’s , but this is my favorite!

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