Hey Rockers,
Terrie Carr here- We are BACK in the saddle again as 2024 is upon us and the year is off to a rocking start!

I love promoting the “new rock” especially when it knocks me over and primed to have a great year connecting with rock fans.
I’m grabbing 6 of my “TC favorites”, each completely different to rock you into the New Year- (one classic rocker, a female band, a brand new interesting buzz artist, a modern metal outfit, an unlikely teaming from an 80’s master with a great modern-day songwriter and one from one of rock music’s most iconic guitarists) showcasing that rock is not dead, (the most ludicrous statement ever) but in fact, super healthy, thriving and BANGING! And of course, all of these tunes can be heard on WDHA, come on- we are the ROCK of New Jersey! And you can listen anywhere btw- radio, smart speaker, app, computer….so many choices…The WDHA App
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Super cool thing? Many artists featured on this list will be touring in the New Year as well, so it’s a great time to get out and support live music. Two of the artists included on my list have rocked our WDHA Parking Lot Parties, and one was just in our studio for a killer live interview.

So let’s crank the tunes and get ready for an incredible year of music and begin with half a dozen diverse rock bangers that start the year off right!
New rockers, Classic Rock Icons, 80’s frontmen, New queens of rock, and guitar greats, we are off to a LOUD and PROUD start. Rock has lived on WDHA for almost 50 years and we are proud to carry the flag!

Have a new tune you love? Hit me up- [email protected] and check out my interview pieces on Reconnect with Rockers-
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Our recent visit with Ace Frehley
Ace Frehley at WDHA
And chat with Sebastian Bach-
Sebastian Bach checks in with Terrie Carr
and Rock On!
Terrie Carr

  • Geddy Lee- I Am... You Are

    I called it “The Gift Of Geddy” when two new songs were released in December from the amazing Geddy Lee and “I Am…You Are” is such a powerful, beautiful tune that was left off of the “My Favourite Headache” album . (released in 2000)
    Geddy’s autobiography is out – “My Effin’ Life” Geddy Lee- My Effin’ Life and has been a holiday best seller since its release and his new Paramount+ docu-series “Are Bass Players Human Too?” is EPIC! A must see- I feel it- We are going to get something from Geddy and Alex in 2024, (I do!) but in the meantime- enjoy the new tunes.

    Rush Official Site

  • Plush- Barracuda

    My girls are BACK!!! YES! And just in time for the new year, their tour with Disturbed and VIP acoustic performance at WDHA’s Rock The Rock Fest, Plush will release their EP “Find The Beautiful”  on January 19th (as they kick off their tour) And their cover of Heart’s – “Barracuda” (a fan favorite live) is absolutely incredible! Pure power with blistering guitar work from Bella and Moriah (Moriah is an awesome player also and did 99% of the guitar on the Barracuda cover), Ash and Faith providing crushing rhythm and devastating vocals from Moriah Formica, Wow! Just Wow! In fact the entire EP is incredible – “Kill the Noise”, “Run” and the title track (wait until you hear this one) will literally knock you out!


    Order Find The Beautiful

    Plush Official Site

  • Des Rocs- I Am The Lightning

    Des Rocs is a  mega-talent and soon everyone will know his name! A New York guy (born Danny Rocco) who has opened for The Rolling Stones because “they liked him” , his album “Dream Machine” is out now and needs to be heard!
    “I Am The Lightning” is a road tune with incredible fuzzy guitar work, dynamite lyrics and everything about it electrifies….SO GOOD.

    Des Rocs Official Site

  • Fozzy- Spotlight

    What is it about Chris Jericho and Fozzy that knocks me over? The band has a knack for delivering hard rock, metal, melodies and some of the catchiest anthemic ear worms in the rock format. And the whispers among the heaviness are really fun too!

    Fozzy Official Site

  • Ace Frehley- 10,000 Volts

    If you’ve listened to WDHA in the past month or so, you’ve probably heard this amazing new tune from the legendary Ace Frehley, which is the title track off his 5th solo release due out- February 24th!
    “10,000 Volts” is simple- It’s a great rocker- heavy in guitar (Ace’s guitar sound is so distinct) melody, and delivering a true sense of fun, it’s the perfect example of how rock music is still being made by those that know how to make it! The example of what this story is all about for sure!

    Ace Frehley Official Site

  • Sebastian Bach - What Do I Got To Lose?

    “Bach And Roll” is evident on Bas’s new banger “What Do I Got To Lose”? With screaming vocals, killer guitar and a fun video companion piece! Co-Written by the awesome Myles Kennedy (Slash, Alter Bridge, Solo) this unlikely team nail this fantastic and fun new tune. It’s everything we love about Sebastian and more!

    Sebastian Bach Official Site

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