The Capitol Theater in Passaic- Original Program

Capitol Theater Program Front

Cap Pro

Capitol Theater Program Inside

Terrie Carr here and you know I am a Jersey Girl through and through! The musical history of our state is EPIC!
The Capitol Theater in Passaic was one of those EPIC places. Not the “prettiest” place to see a show, but man was the vibe incredible. I was only there twice in my young days before the theater closed, so finding this footage is pretty incredible. And this program was sent to me by a WDHA listener…how cool!
Check out these 10 full shows that will blow you away- Rush, Billy Idol, Rainbow and more! INCREDIBLE!
What a glorious time in rock. And no one had a cell phone in anyone’s face!


  • The B52's - 1980

    You want to talk fun?! HOLY CANOLI! I love this band and Fred Schneider is a Jersey guy! Check out this performance from 1980 as the band was breaking. Fred even references the Passaic River when Rock Lobster comes in around 42 minutes in- TREMENDOUS!

  • The Clash- 1980

    Hearing Joe Strummer saying “It’s Saturday Night In New Jersey” gave me goose bumps! What a legendary performance, recorded not too long after London Calling was released…..Jersey knew!

  • Rush- 1976

    Be still my heart! When I saw this I almost fell over.  This video brought me back to first falling in love with this band.

    Watching this and realizing they were practically kids in their 20’s and what would lie ahead.  The version of 2112 in this video is insane!

    You will be BLOWN AWAY! #rushgeekforever

  • The Allman Bros. - 1981

    This rare footage is really extraordinary and reminds us how great Dickie Betts is!

    how the entire band fit on the Capitol Theater stage is beyond me, but the sound is phenomenal and cool to see some deeper cuts in this set.

  • Rainbow- 1979

    With vocalist Graham Bonnet out front, this footage is rare and raw and really awesome.

    Ritchie Blackmore shines like a diamond here and watching Graham interact with the Jersey crowd (especially the guy down front) is SO New Jersey!


  • The Police- 1980

    Recorded in their young prime, this one blew me away because not only is the band on FIRE, but the footage is really sharp. Andy Summers really stands out too. The versions of Roxanne, Next To You, and When the World Is Runnin’ Down are absolutely incredible…..

  • George Thorogood and The Destroyers- 1984

    Ready to be knocked over? In a good way? Really over? Watch this! George in New Jersey proving he is one of the greatest live performers around.  This video is shot really well and the sound is KILLER……How lucky were we when George brought THIS party to Passaic? WOW!

  • Billy Idol- 1984

    Billy Idol at the beginning of his meteoric rise! He looks and sounds phenomenal and so does his original band, especially Steve Stevens. Check out the versions of Rebel Yell and Dancing’ With Myself …love the crowd shots too!

    Billy is a rock god in this footage!

  • Journey- 1978

    Journey in 1978- There was nothing like them! The talent! Watching Steve Perry and Greg Rollie together is rare and mesmerizing And of course Neal on guitar. This video shows how extraordinary he is.

  • Warren Zevon- 1980

    What a sensational storyteller Warren Zervon was. Sheer brilliance! What is so remarkable about this 1980 footage is how incredible it sounds and the footage of warren tearing it up onstage is unreal! (Carrying him out on a stretcher? Come On!) An underrated genius. Warren Zevon is so missed. This one will inspire you!

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