Cinco de Metal Weekend – Win Big 5/3 – 5/5

Cinco de Metal Weekend – Win Big 5/3 – 5/5

Cinco de Metal Weekend – Win Big 5/3 – 5/5

Slipknot announced their North American “Here Comes The Pain” Tour. Celebrating 25 years of Slipknot.  Their debut was released in 1999 and man did it change the game.  This tour is said to lean heavily into that first album material as well as Iowa among other hits.  Here are 5 songs Slipknot Need to play on their upcoming tour.

When Slipknot’s debut album came out, it was so mysterious.  These talented musicians all in masks and red jumpsuits.  It was so intriguing.  But the music was next level.  You could hear the playing and know that these guys had chops.  It was dark, heavy, yet there were these epic choruses that had awesome melody.  It made you hooked the first time you heard it!

I will admit and I think this is something many will agree with, when Slipknot first came out and didn’t reveal their identities, it was pretty cool.  I’m not saying I don’t still love and appreciate them now, but it was a different vibe back then as so many of us were trying to guess who these musicians could be or what they looked like.

Slipknot definitely progressed in their sound a bit.  Changing things up and adding new elements which I didn’t see coming.  But on that first album, there were so many haunting, eerie, and fantastic moments that it’s hard to replicate.  Maybe Slipknot didn’t even want to replicate it, but I know the fans loved it.

The opening track sets the tone, hearing the male voice repeat over and over again “The whole thing I think is sick”.  It’s sped up, slowed down and manipulated in every way possible and it really works before the first banger on the album kicks in.

Needless to say this is one of my all time favorite metal debuts and albums in general.  Let’s take a look at 5 songs Slipknot need to play on their upcoming tour.


    This is such an infectious tune. Not Slipknot’s hardest to play or even heaviest. But it works so well because it’s like a metal pop tune!

  • (SIC)

    This is one of my favorite opening tracks on any metal album.  It features the line that they names their upcoming tour after, “Here comes the pain.”  Joey Jordison’s drumming is next level and Corey Taylor’s vocals are brutal and filled with pain.


    That opening guitar riff is nasty!! You know you’re in for something cool when it all kicks in.  Another angry one with Corey screaming, but not overdoing it.  The song is still catchy and fun.


    It’s a metal punk rock tune.  Loud, heavy and in your face for barely 2 minutes.   Lots of expletives here, but man is this a powerful tune!


    Well, supposedly this tour is focusing heavily on the early stuff and I had to mention this one.  It’s another epic song to kick off an album.  “Here we go again!!!!!!”  Once it starts up, it gets you.  Heavy and in your face.  With no letting up.  It’s really well written.


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