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Why Pick Up The Eagles New Album?

I love it when music comes out on Fridays.  I already discussed elsewhere how great it is that we’re getting “Papercuts” from Linkin Park today.  But I have to tell you, there’s a very impressive set from The Eagles out today and we need to take a look at Why Pick Up the Eagles New Album? Why Get The Eagles New Album? First off, I’ll say this – Many times when you get a best-of collection, it’s missing one or several songs you like.  That’s just the way it goes.  But here with The Eagles “To The Limit: The Essential Collection” you’re getting pretty much everything you can hope for.  It is crammed with big, monster hits from one of America’s best rock acts ever!  It also has some fan favorites and ones you may have forgotten about but still absolutely love. If you get the 3-CD set version, you’re getting 2 discs of the best of the best and one live disc.  That disc is amazing.  It contains live recordings from The Forum in 1976, The Staples Center in 1999, and more!  And man, there are some great quality big tracks recorded and there. By the way, you can also purchase it as a 6lp vinyl set and get it digitally too.  I think no matter the route you go, you’ll be satisfied.  However, I personally recommend something physical, as it’s nice just to go through the artwork and hold it in your hands. The Eagles – Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, with Vince Gill and Deacon Frey – are currently on the road for the band’s final tour, which is called “The Long Goodbye,” with the band heading overseas starting May 31 for a residency at the new Co-Op Live in Manchester, the largest indoor arena in the UK. Due to overwhelming ticket demand, the tour is expected to extend into 2025. With an insanely remarkable 50-plus years of touring experience, the Eagles have performed over 1,000 concerts worldwide, accounting for more than 15 million tickets. The band’s tours have consistently ranked in the Top 10 of both concert industry publications, Billboard and Pollstar. This set is a must have for both Eagles collectors and fans alike. They know how to craft songs…..and they’re bringing their biggest and best to you at a great price too! [select-listicle listicle_id="778688" syndication_name="5-reasons-to-get-the-new-linkin-park-album" description="yes"]  

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