There are some amazing rock songs. But I wanted to take a look at the top Rock songs with a name in the title. From Jessica to Anastasia there are a number of killer rock songs that bring the musicality and showcase some great songwriting skills.

Since I do First Call Last Call each day, I was able to take a look at some of the results of my Question OF The Day to see the top songs with names in the title. First Call Last Call is a lot of fun. It happens at 5 pm and is a themed block of music based on the listener’s responses to the Question which I post to the DHA Facebook page at around 4.

I got a ton of responses yesterday and had a lot of fun going through them. It’s funny because sometimes I see a lot of answers I was expecting, but with a question like this, since there are so many songs, I also find myself seeing comments of tunes I either forgot about or just blanked on!

Let me also put his out there – I don’t think a song with someone’s name in the title is actually going to make the tune better. However, I will say that sometimes a name can add intrigue to who the song is about. Or was it just a random name the lyricist came up with? When it’s about someone, you wonder if was it a past lover, an old friend, or just someone the band knows and they thought it’d be cool to mention that person’s name.

Whatever the reason, it does seem like there are a lot of songs that not only have a name in the title but are also actually good-quality tunes!

Let’s take a look at the top rock songs with a name in the title!


    Such an awesome southern rocker. So well done. It’s instrumental yet so entertaining!!!


    Talk about an amazing debut album from a band.  Even the deeper cuts are excellent.  Like this one!!


    Tells such an interesting and heartbreaking story.  Plus, it somehow manages to still be a fun rockin tune!


    It’s classic Van Halen.  Sounds so good with the awesome guitar riff.  Plus, give it up for those backup vocals!!!


    They know how to get heavy.  But, they also know how to bring the melody.  This tune is a toned down metal track with a great hook!

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