The Other day we celebrated another birthday here at DHA. Well, not one of ours, but Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler blew out the candles on his cake and of course, we needed to play some Aerosmith songs! So I put together a block for First Call Last Call. Let’s take A Look at 5 Of Jersey’s Favorite Aerosmith Songs!

It’s hard to believe Aerosmith has been cranking out hits since the early 70’s. And they do it so well. Sure, there are those that liked their earlier albums, but even as they matured and got into their late 80’s and 90’s resurgence they had some outstanding songs! For First Call Last Call, my 5 pm weekday feature, I asked listeners for their favorite songs by the band. And there was no shortage in the supply of answers.

Aerosmith is one of those all-time great American rock bands that so many of us feel connected to. With so many hits and excellent deep cuts, there’s just a lot to choose from. Our listeners really love the album ROCKS. But I have to say the answers came from all over the entire Aerosmith catalog. Again, some of that later stuff was so good. Think about those horns on The Other Side or so many of the awesome harmonica parts. And of course, the harmonies on these tunes are unreal as well.

I’m a big fan of Aerosmith’s music and I hope I get to see them in concert one last time. They always know how to rock out and make it fun for the audience. And of course, in concert, they bring it all. Meaning, you get hit after hit, as well as fan favorites and rarities. It’s such a fun time and I need to experience it again!

That being said, let’s take a look at 5 of Jersey’s Favorite Aerosmith Songs!


    This should have been a bigger hit for the band. It’s a pretty straight-forward rock song. The chorus is catchy, the guitars are fuzzy and upfront. It rocks!


    Great opening guitar lick.  And this one calls out those with money.  It’s alot of fun!


    Always a fan favorite live.  An old-school rocker that doesn’t do anything fancy, but defines the Aerosmith sound!


    We know what it’s about and the video adds to that.  But the song is so infectious and has just enough edge to it to rock hard.


    ROCKS really is an awesome album.  And this one has some great harmonies and great playing by the band!

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