Five Bands with Interesting Lyrics.   That’s what we’re going to take a look at today.  There are many great lyricists out there, but not all of them churn out thought-provoking lyric after thought-provoking lyric.  It’s difficult to do.  But Jersey has answered the call with who can get us thinking or tell a story consistently in their music.

At 5 pm each day I have a feature called First Call Last Call.  It’s a themed set of music that I put together based on the answers to the question of the day that I post at 4 pm to the DHA Facebook page.  DHA listeners have the best answers and it’s always a treat being able to read their responses and hear their opinions.

So, yesterday I asked for bands or artists that have the best lyrics in their music.  So many amazingly talented artists to choose from and it’s tough to just pick one, but many were able to comment with their overall favorite.  It’s tough to decide because do you prefer fantastical stories?  Historical events?  Emotional and introspective themes?  There are so many types of lyricists that it becomes difficult to really distinguish who’s the best.  That’s why I always say, the question of the day is just a matter of opinion!

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I love it when a band or artist can tell a complete story in 3 to 4 minutes.  I find that very challenging and cool when it’s pulled off well.  But whatever you prefer, the responses I received were filled with rockers you really can’t argue with.  They have solid lyric writing!   Some are still with us and some aren’t.  But those words live on forever.

So let’s dive in…

Five bands with interesting lyrics


    This band was always interesting. Whether they were making a statement or telling us of some fantastical story. They could write and get you hooked in just one line!!! And that’s no small feat.


    Whether Chris was writing in Soundgarden, or his solo material and any other project.  It felt like he always had something to say.  And it was usually deep – requiring you to pull back the layers!  A true poet



    Here’s another band that covered all sorts of material.  No matter what they were singing about it made you want to dissect the lyrics for hidden meanings.  Very cool and so well done.  On Top of their amazing playing!


    Shinedown can be motivational.  They can tell a story.  They can be heartfelt.  And usually it’s all done within 3 and a half minutes.  Great lyric writing consistently!


    Lyrics based on wars, demons, and fantasy.  It’s all sorts of riveting and so easy to get lost in.  Very cool stuff!

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